Reasons to Smile.

  1. Attending my very first Veggie Prom with the hubby this weekend in Brooklyn!

2. Watching Marisa Wolfson of Kind Green Planet and David Benzaquen of Farm Sanctuary win Prom Queen and King at Veggie Prom! 

(Being nominated myself wasn't too shabby either!)

 Want more details about my experience at the Prom? Don't fret - 
I'll be posting about it this Thursday!

3. Kate Wolff of Evolve Accessories designing a beautiful vegan necklace for me that I wore all weekend with my family.

Exciting news for fans of Kate's jewelry - next week, Kate and I are teaming up for an interview - and GIVEAWAY! - which will include a video interview with her adorable three year-old son Shane! Stay tuned!

4. "Lindsay, is seaweed vegan?"
- Oliver, one of the kids I babysit, checking in with me to make sure I could share his seaweed snack with him (yes, on top of being totally cute, Oliver loves seaweed - too much...)

5. A birthday picnic this weekend for my mom at the Boston Commons that included Vegan BLT's and Buffalo Tempeh Sandwiches from The Other Side Cafe. Amazing.

6. Sipping on an organic margarita with agave nectar - is there anything better?

7. Reading up on vegan ultramarathoner Scott Jurek, who set a new record at the World Champion Race this past weekend. Check out Ecorazzi's article about him here!

8. Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur being featured on 50Plus Prime, an online news program for baby boomers - check out the video clip here

9. Speaking of Gene Baur, my interview with Gene this week! 

10. And while we're on the subject of interviews, my first interview in June with Annie and Dan Shannon, creators of The Betty Crocker Project

10. Dining on a traditional Cambodian dessert - plantains and tapioca in a coconut cream sauce - at The Elephant Walk in Boston.  

11. Planning my trip to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's June Jamboree next month.

12.  VegNews beautiful feature on Animal Sanctuary rescue stories at the Pigs Peace Sanctuary in Stanwood, Washington.

13. "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." 
 - The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

What are your reasons to smile today?


Heather said…
My reason to smile this 'week' comes after I called my mom yesterday - and found out she decided to go vegetarian! Yea, step one!
Natalie Would said…
1) I haven't been checkin' out my favorite blogs in a while- your blogspot is a reason to smile!

2) Grad dinner w/ omnivorous relatives at a veggie restaurant...who loved it! My favorite quote "Oh look, there are asterix to let you know if it's vegan. Isn't that something!" -My Aunt :P

3) Being able to MAKE food now that I'm done w/ school.

4) Thinking about the veggie restaurants in NYC when I come this fall.

You're super sweet! Keep up the great work! I love the blog SO much :P
Plate+Simple said…
You look so gorgeous in your prom dress, lady! Love it!! And that "vegan" necklace is really cool!

My reason to smile? The fact that I have some great leftovers from my toasted sage and sweet potato stew for lunch today!

Myra Wolf said…
getting ready to make toful scramble (the good way) and some polenta and sweet potatoes :) and......
at you saying over the menu at Elephant Walk..."I can't believe I am ordering vegan with my Mom" :)
smiling that we ate great vegan food at Luccas for Whitney's graduation dinner and at Elephant Walk in Boston also, for Jon's/my Birthday dinner...2 weekends in a row! And..that all my children were together with me and their Dad fills a Mom's heart for along time when that happens.
I smile at how BIG I LOVE YOU and how beautiful, loving and happy you were the past two weekends too.
You have a happiness factor and a smile and laugh that stays with someone forever :) and ever..xoxo
I just love reading your articles. It's always full of education, resources, and joy.

My reason to smile is moving forward with my dreams and seeing them come true.
CurlyLocks said…
Smiling at the picture of you and Steve at Veggie Prom...

Made veggie burgers with sauted peppers and onions...with one of my new favorite sides - kale, potatoes, and garlic. Yum!
Lindsay said…
Extra reasons to smile:

1) Reading these beautiful comments - and always feeling your support!

2) Eating at my favorite restaurant in all of NYC - Blossom - last night!

3) All kinds of ideas brewing for more ways to spread the vegan love...

4) YOU - all of you!! You make me smile every single day!!
Rachel said…
How fun- a veggie prom...

also- darling necklace!!!

Great reasons to smile!

My reason to smile this week-
I ran my first 5k on sunday...

yay! :)
wendy said…
my two regular reasons to smile are my two rescue girls: camille & elsie. although i was not smiling yesterday when camille would not come home when i called her. but, i smiled later when she was home, fresh from a bath, and sleeping in my lap.