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Hey Mom & Dad! Today, Why Don't You...

Let your kid end the hug. 

Say 'yes' to make believe. 

Embrace eating out of a kiddie bowl.

Look for birds in the sky.

Remind yourself it's FRIDAY.

Teach your kiddo how to crunch down on grapes and baby carrots.

Sing to them.

Take many, many deep breaths.

Take many, many pictures.

Tell them you love them.

Forgive them for driving you nutso. 

Forgive yourself for anything you did yesterday you wish you hadn't.

Let them lead the way. 

Look them in the eyes with interest and focus when they have something to say. 

Remind yourself it's FRIDAY.

See what happens when you don't tell them why something can't be done.

Be super duper ordinary.

Put your kids' clothes on like a hat and see how they react.

Look in the mirror and feel awesome. 

Sing along to Daniel Tiger songs. 

Paint with only your fingers.

Remind yourself it's FRIDAY.

Look like a fool as many times as possible.

Reach out in support to a friend whose gone MIA with their own crazy family.

Hold them if they ask.

Be gentle…

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