It's Been A Kiss-Worthy Year!

So... it's been a while folks! And for a sincerely kiss-worthy reason - I have spent the past fourteen months focused very intently on an entirely new job description - "mommy at large". 

I've gotta say - I thought going vegan back in 2008 was a life-changing occasion. But I had absolutely no idea how truly life-changing the act of bringing a new being into this world could really be. My entire sense of self has been broken down and remolded into something altogether extraordinary. Strength is a word I see in an entirely new light at the moment. After just over a year, I can confidently say, I am a mother to an equally extraordinary girl named Juniper.

I'll delve into the depths of challenges encountered during motherhood in a future post. But for now, I'll stick to the kiss-worthy moments. 

Some of the perks of this journey?

Baby kisses.
High fiving with my girl.
Watching Junebug teach herself how to walk. 
Seeing my stepdaughter light up around her little sis. 
Tiny baby books held by tiny baby hands.
Watching my daughter grip a toy and examine it. 
Seeing Juniper's daddy in action. 
Singing and dancing with an enthusiastic tiny human.

But one of the absolute best perks of this gig?

Raising my baby girl vegan. 

This particular part of the journey has been the most kiss-worthy, my dear readers. In a year's time, my baby girl has visited sanctuaries like The Gentle Barn, tasted yummy plant-based foods she loves to chow down on, and developed a loving and fun relationship with our rescue kitty. Even cooler, through witnessing Juniper's vegan journey, my step-daughter Bella has expanded her own compassion by eating more and more vegan with us. 

As I stand a few days away from 2017, I feel so grateful. Because I am showing my Junebug a world where humans can have loving, peaceful connections to the other animals they share this Earth with. 

I am showing my baby girl hope. 

I wish you a safe, happy, and kiss-worthy end to this year, readers. So much more to come!