Happy 5th Veganniversary to Lindsay! A Love Letter to the Creator of Kiss Me, I'm Vegan!

KMIV family,

Today, we celebrate a joyous day. A pivotal day. A revolutionary day. Five years ago, Lindsay adopted a vegan lifestyle. After several months of experimentation and wavering, from vegetarian to pescatarian to vegetarian to vegan and all through the cycle again, Lindsay committed to a cruelty-free life, a life of compassion to all living beings, a long life of health & happiness, a life in alignment with her beliefs and principles. October 11th, 2008, Lindsay went/became/awakened vegan.

This action started an incredible positive ripple effect. The first of many beneficial happenings? The creation of Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! Yes, this here blog that you've been following for years, months, weeks, or maybe just discovered today - all because Lindsay made a life-changing choice and decided to document her amazing journey.

What else has happened because Lindsay has gone vegan? Well, I went vegan in September 2009 (over 4 years vegan!), my mom went vegan in 2010, my dad eats significantly better (because my mom is an amazing plant-based cook!), Lindsay's brother and sister are vegan, Lindsay's brother's fiancee is vegan, Lindsay's mom eats mostly plant-based and has strengthened her already deep bond with animals, Lindsay's step-mom is vegetarian, Lindsay's dad eats fewer animal foods, one of my best friends - a former "grillmaster" of various animal foods - is vegan, two of our closest LA friends are vegan - as is their beautiful daughter, and several other friends have gone vegetarian or vegan. We've made a plethora of new & close friendships in NYC, LA, and elsewhere; we've established a home away from home at Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres in Acton, CA; I got my plant-based nutrition & holistic health coaching certification and now have a Life Nutrition & Reiki business (Ahimsa Life Coaching & Reiki For Creative Minds); we've organized and hosted three fantastic fundraising events for Farm Sanctuary; Lindsay won the Friend of Farm Animals Award; we've connected with the MOST amazing, supportive, engaged crowd - all of you special followers! Boy, oh, boy (or girl, oh, girl), I could go on and on and on.

Oh wait! One of the most important things to come from all of

this? I'll put it like this, there are estimates from 95-195 animals saved for every year you eat/live vegan (numerous variables - for land animals, sea animals, clothing in addition to food, etc.).  So, Lindsay, for all estimates-sake, has individually/ directly saved 475-975 animals. With the compassionate chain reaction she put into motion, just think about all of the animals saved. Wow wow wow, what a beautiful thought.

I want to personally celebrate my beautiful wife, and your most kissable blogger, Lindsay. Her dedication, drive, resolve, love, heart, compassion, passion, focus, and awareness for/of veganism is outstanding. Whether she knows it or not, she's made an indelible mark on this world, though she may not be able to measure it tangibly. She can measure it in my complete and utter love, appreciation, and respect - and hopefully all of yours too! Beyond marrying Lindsay, going vegan was one of the best choices I've ever made in my life; and, like marrying Lindsay, it's a choice that I've committed to for my entire life (which will be a lot longer because of it!). Thank you, my love.

To fully celebrate this five year benchmark, the first five years of a lifetime of health & compassion, I encourage YOU
 to please share a bit about your vegan story. How long have you been vegan? What do you love about being vegan? How has KMIV played a positive part in your life?

While both Lindsay and I may be more MIA recently with the blog, we're still here, we're still living, loving, and spreading the good word of how to be incredibly kissable as a vegan.  Thank you all for your support, and for joining us on this special day.

Happy 5th Veganniversary, Lindsay!


MollyG said…
December 1st will be 8 years vegan and I was vegetarian for 9 years before that. Nothing has influenced my life more than my decision to go vegan. It shapes my every decision. And though it is often hard to see all the suffering in the world, it's better to see it and do something than to pretend it isn't happening. And, like becoming vegan, becoming friends with the two wonderful people behind KMIV has totally changed my life for the better. You guys are the best. Love!
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