Please take a moment to read the following post by my very vegan husband, Steven Todd Smith.

George was a beloved duck in the San Antonio River Walk area. He hung out by the Original Mexican Restaurant and was friendly toward patrons. A couple of nights ago, two guys tortured and killed George. It's a sad occurrence and I'm sure very sad for the people who interacted with him or even had the chance to meet him once.

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I know some ducks who now live at Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres They're adorable and a lot of them are shy. They waddle around, eat, swim & lounge in their little pools. Lindsay and I sponsored a goose named Winny when she first arrived at the sanctuary. We love her very much, visit her, and play and cuddle with her. Although she can be a bit nippy sometimes to those she doesn't feel safe around, we have developed a sincere bond with her and only get affectionate snuggles and nibbles now. I've even seen Lindsay walk into Winny's area, lay down, and watch in awe as Winny remembers Lindsay and calmly climbs on top of her. It's a bond that can only be built through mutual respect, kindness, and love. 

Here is Kate Winslet narrating a video about Foie Gras cruelty. Foie Gras, meaning "fat(ty) liver," is a delicacy among some circles & high-end diners. To create this dish of a duck's fatty liver, the duck has to be force-fed until the liver is abnormally large. The ducks either die or are killed, and then people eat their livers. You can read more about it here. Ducks are also eaten for their flesh, not just their fatty livers.

Whether we're talking about George, Winny, or the many ducks and geese killed for foie gras that remain nameless, we're talking about living beings, living creatures, animals whom we, as humans, have the ability to develop relationships with, just like our own companion animals: dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, etc. A story like George's, which is truly sad, is shared with such sorrow and heaviness, while there are no stories shared (of the same kind) of the billions of ducks and geese - who could be named George, who could be as friendly as George - who are killed for their flesh or fatty livers, also truly sad.

If you are sad about George's death, just like the newscasters and those in the River Walk area, I highly recommend that you think about your food choices a little, or a lot, deeper. Duck, cow, pig, chicken, goat, dog, cat - all of these animals are eaten by some people around the world; all of these animals have names and are friendly companions to some people around the world. 

We must, as human beings, bridge the disconnect and live in alignment with our beliefs and values; if that involves kindness, compassion, and an adversity to killing (innocent beings), then it must be for all, for George and all like George.

Go to to learn how to take steps toward a more compassionate lifestyle, and thank you for reading today. 


Molly G said…
So true. Sad about George and sad for the millions of other nameless beings unnecessarily killed for humanity's appetite every day.
Anonymous said…
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