Real Men Are Vegan!

My sexy vegan husband with Paulo at
Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres
"It takes no great feat of strength to drive through KFC and pick up a bucket of chicken parts. It takes zero courage to pay desperate (and often illegal) workers to slaughter the most docile and defenseless creatures on earth. And hunting down a hot dog while watching the game hardly qualifies as bravery.
What DOES take strength, courage and fortitude is standing up for what’s right – even if it’s inconvenient, or means going against the grain. While many stereotypes about manhood ring false for me, some do ring true. In my opinion, real men are those who stand tall to protect the weak and defenseless. Real men choose integrity over peer-pressure. Real men don’t harm and kill others for pleasure or “sport.” Real men fight for justice and refuse to participate in the needless exploitation and oppression of others.
In other words, real men are vegan."
- from the blog, Veganism Is the Future
Comment if you are a strong, vegan man or know one who is!


Molly G said…
I've got my very own! I'm so proud of him for sticking true to his convictions and being vegan and proud in an industry that decidedly is not. I'm lucky to have my own strong vegan man!
Chad Ferguson said…
Vegan for 12 years now and love it!
Angel Neill said…
My wonderful husband is a vegan and runs 5 to 10 miles a day and bench presses close to 350 ponds at the gym. No meat protein needed! We also just celebrated our 1 year vegan anniversary!!! I am so proud to be part of this vegan community. My only wish is that I could have learner the truth many years ago. Thank you for your wonderful blog Lindsay. You and your husband are a great reminder of why I live this way.
Geoffrey said…
Givethankz, watz so BEAUTIFUL about the whole thing is the GRATITUDE, & we almost 4got about the great benefits of the ACT within it's self. A TRU WIN WIN ,situation....1OVE....pray 4 the world to see!!! The instructions are "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR ,AS THYSELF" & TAKE CARE OF GOD'S CREATURES... WE GOTTA STOP EATIN' OUR RESPONSIBILITIES!!!