Oh my gosh... it's been 4 years. And I almost missed it.

I've been out of touch. 

Winnie has forgiven me. Can you?

I've been really  ridiculously, shamefully, what's wrong with her? out of touch.

I know that some of your favorite posts on here are the personal ones, and they've been few and far between the last couple of months. Life has been a beautiful whirlwind this past year - of acting (check out my episode on HBO's Enlightened in January!), singing (yay open mics), working my butt off (i heart vegan kids), and enjoying family time whenever i get the chance (thank you iPhones and understanding husbands). All of this has made one of my favorite pastimes - blogging - nearly obsolete. With the exception of my hubby's stellar posts about vegan nutrition and food giveaways, I've been distant with you guys. Until today. Because today, I will share some stuff, hit "publish" and you, my kiss-worthy readers, will be able to enjoy a personal post from yours truly. And hopefully a little balance will be restored. 

So, what have I been doing with my little vegan self since I last shared? Well,I...

Farmer John's = obscene cruelty.
Visited Farm Sanctuary's Animal Acres and snuggled with Winnie the goose.

Attended a protest at Farmer John's slaughterhouse (aka hell on Earth for pigs and piglets alike, unlike the mural to the right suggests). 

Helped a friend with some non-dairy alternatives so he could cut back on his cow's milk consumption (yay!).

Got interviewed for an upcoming article in Bazaar about vegan women.

Watched the vegan hubby run a 10K Gladiator Run. Alongside Positively Bliss yoga teacher Ashley Platz. Go Team V!

Enjoyed wayyyyy too much yummy vegan food with my now - you guessed it - vegan! - brother when he came to Los Angeles recently with his lovely GF.

Discovered The Sexy Vegan. Check him out HERE

Gave a vegan cookbook to a non-vegan friend.

And hugged my cats. A lot.

And then there's the reasons to smile list, which I am bringing back today. You know, the one I used to write a while back every few posts? Here's a refresher for those who have no idea what I'm talking about.

Today, I only have one thing to list. Because my biggest reason to smile is... 

Thank you so much for continuing on this kooky, smile-inducing, humbling journey with me. Because it's been 4 - count em, FOUR - blissful years of living 100% vegan. Yep, that's right. Four Octobers ago I got the idea to fully commit myself to a lifestyle I am still head over heels in love with. Check out my 2010 post about the "vegan glow" to get an idea of the magic I've experienced since.

Thank you for being accepting, for being supportive, for being patient, and for being understanding. Thank you for being like my own little vegan family!

I love you and am tremendously grateful to have you as a part of Kiss Me, I'm Vegan!. Here's to many more years of compassionate blogging! 


Minette said…
Fantastic Lindsay!!!!!
I wanted you and Steve to know that I finally tried his BeST burgers 3 weeks ago and they are SOOOOOOOOO good!!! I am truly addicted and I make them at least twice a week, now. Super, Super, YUMMMMMMM.

Thank you for all that you do for our animal friends!!!

Love and hugs to you both,

Minette xoxo
CurlyLocks said…
Congratulations on your 4-year vegan anniversary!
Congratuveganlations to you, sweetie! You've been the planter, waterer, and sunshine of/for the seeds of compassion, joy, love, health, and life for so many people. Your vegan journey has not only brought out your true passions but have inspired and motivated the closest people in your life and also people from all around the world. Keep up the amazing work, love, and life!

(Sooooo glad to hear you are enjoying the BeST Burgers, Minette!)
Molly G said…
Happy 4th veganniversary Linds! Everything you do for the animals is amazing. My 7th veganiversary is coming up on December 1st! Lets celebrate the next time I see you with some delicious vegan food! Miss you and sending lots of love to you and Steve over there on the west coast.
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