Pure Vegan Review and Giveaway!

Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  A balanced whole-food, plant-based diet - of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds - provides all of the nutrients needed to not only survive but to thrive.*

*A couple of exceptions...

Besides the nutrition we receive from our whole plant foods, we have a couple of important players in the game of optimal health that are difficult to find just from our whole plant foods.  Specifically, we need Vitamin B12* & Vitamin D*.

I could write an entire article on B12 and Vit. D, but this post is mainly to introduce you to a company that provides quality vegan supplements and products - a huge bonus for all of us compassion warriors out there.  Please take a look at these articles from The Vegetarian Resource Group and Jack Norris, RD (of Vegan Outreach) for more information:

Vitamin D: http://www.vrg.org/journal/vj2009issue2/2009_issue2_vitamin_d.phphttp://www.veganhealth.org/articles/bones
Vitamin B12: http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/vitaminb12http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/b12.htm 
(I highly recommending reading all articles!)

To give you a super Cliffs Notes rundown:
- B12 comes from bacteria. With downfall of agricultural practices, it's much more difficult (to impossible) to obtain B12 from plants. Some fermented foods have minimal amounts of B12. Many plant-based food products (like plant milks) are B12 fortified (still minimal).  Two kinds: Methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin (a lot of literature/science recommends methyl-).
- Vitamin D, acts more like a hormone than vitamin, comes from (is synthesized from) sunlight (action of UV rays on skin - read more on process above)! Two kinds: D3 (animal-based) & D2 (plant-based).
- Deficiency in either is not good for you.

And that brings us to Pure Vegan!  Pure Vegan's mission statement reads:

Pure Vegan's quality approach to creating these exclusive formulas begins in the growing fields and continues through every stage until the product is consumed. The integrity, authenticity and validation of our raw materials are a fundamental factor in the quality of every Pure Vegan product. Pure Vegan's raw materials are sourced with information regarding its processing methods and verification that they are not tested on animals. Pure Vegan is a revolutionary supplement line supported by full scientific research and protocols specifically for Vegans and Vegetarians.

It's wonderful knowing that there's a company that provides high-quality vegan products for your health, when needed.  I had the pleasure of sampling three of their products: the Complete Meal Replacement powder, the Vitamin B12 spray, and the Vitamin D2 spray

The Complete Meal Replacement powder incorporates a blend of whole grains, fruits, and veggies, with a protein base of pea, rice, and spirulina.  Vanilla flavored, I preferred a mix with orange juice (and often with some other fruits and veggies) for an orange creamsicle-like smoothie (yum!).

The B12 and D2 sprays proved to be very helpful.  The B12 is the preferred methylcobalamin, cherry flavored, and a quick spray is all you need.  The D2 is cherry flavored also, one spray also.  Super easy - I definitely recommend the B12 methyl-spray, and, for those who do not get much exposure to the sun, the D2 spray.  It makes keeping your levels at a safe, healthful level very convenient.

Pure Vegan has a wealth of other supplements, which you can check out on their website.  Please check it out and show them your KMIV support!  Their service is top-notch, and they've shown me they really care about their customers.  And, in the spirit of a company that cares about their customers, they are offering a GIVEAWAY!!!

Pure Vegan is giving away TWO B12 Sprays to TWO lucky kissable followers out there.  All you have to do is jump on the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the simple directions.  Good luck & enjoy!

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All the best and yummiest to you! And, of course, plenty of vegan kisses!


bitt said…
What supplements have you taken in the past & how do you feel about an all-vegan supplement line?

I have taken a lot of different types of supplements. I do prefer an all vegan line. I like to support vegan businesses and I know it's all ethical.

How often do you get good exposure to the sun?
I get decent exposure to the sun as I live in a sunny place. But still it can be hard for everyone to absorb vitamin D properly so I think it's good to consider supplementing.
I currently take a B12 Chewable supplement (I'm almost out!), that is vegan. Like Bitt's comment says, I'd rather support a fully vegan company. I also get a decent amount of sun, I live in Southern California, but could probably get more and have been looking into Vit. D supplements.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your tip! I just bought a vegan version of vit D3 spray to survive the winter in the north of Sweden :) cheers
Kate Wilson said…
I take a multi-vitamin almost every day, need to commit myself better to that! And like bitt I also prefer an all vegan line, its important to put support back to veganism. And I feel I get daily good sun exposure because I'm always trying to be out and active!
Lindsay said…
Great feedback guys! We totally agree - we think supporting vegan companies is the best thing to do!
Jenna Z said…
I currently take D2, B12, vegan DHA and an occasional iron supplement. I LOVE the totally vegan line idea because it is a PAIN to research all the different supplements to find the ones that are vegan!
Michelle said…
What supplements have you taken in the past & how do you feel about an all-vegan supplement line?
I take Deva multi and a Dry D one
also magnesium
I like all vegan supplements

How often do you get good exposure to the sun?
Live in So Cal so I get a good share of sun
Xanthe said…
This is good timing! I've lately been strongly considering a B12 supplement, but I haven't been sure what good vegan options were. These definitely seem worth looking into.
What supplements have you taken in the past & how do you feel about an all-vegan supplement line?
I take Bacopa, vegan algae (DHA), b12 (actually a B-complex), probiotics, and a multitude of other supplements actually....I work at the Vitamin Cottage and I would LOVE to see an all vegan line on our shelves. I know all the supplements that we carry that are vegan and there are no all vegan supplement lines.
How often do you get good exposure to the sun?
I live at a high altitude and I have not gotten much exposure to the son for some time now. I do occasionally get some exposure when hiking, but I definitely like to supplement my vitamin D - MegaFoods has a wonderful vegan multivitamin - however its a bit expensive.
Cui Hsiao said…
Has anyone tried vitamin b12 spray? I came across a site that sells this kinds of supplements and for me it's easier to consume and direct action to the body. Any thoughts?
Lindsay said…
Thank you everyone for participating! Congrats to the winners, Melissa and Ananda (listed above on the widget). We have more giveaways lined up for the next couple of months, so keep an eye out so you can be the next KMIV raffle winner :-)