A Very Public Love Letter to My Husband.

It's no secret - I have a big crush on my husband. From the time we began our courtship as friends back at NYU nearly ten years ago, I knew he was going to be a part of my life for a very long time. Even with that big fro of his (see photo), he captured my attention through possessing a sense of humor and friendship I had never known before with a guy. But the biggest discovery since letting him in all those years ago has been finding an ultimate source of support and unconditional love, the kind that exists beyond any circumstance, any pitfall, any obstacle.  

Take this morning for instance - after yo-yoing with exercise (one week on, two weeks off, one day on, three weeks off... you get the idea), I decided to start fresh and take a run with him. Each time I began to get down on myself for not being as fast as I used to be or having to take walking breaks when I wanted to just run, Steve was right beside me, cheering me on, telling me I was doing a great job. This generous, open spirit is why I will love my husband for all of my days - he sees me in a light very few do, and still wants the best for me. 


We just got back from a beautiful vacation in Ojai, CA (more on that later), and now more than ever, I'm reminded of why living vegan has been so easy since I made that leap almost four years ago. My husband. Despite not completely understanding my motives, he totally threw himself into being the supportive, nonjudgmental best friend and tried anything new I asked him to. And the fact that he wasn't vegan to begin with makes this story especially sweet, because it gives me hope that if you make a positive change, commit to it, and stay consistent with it, the people who love you can't help but support it. And support it Steve did - in fact, he was so supportive that this fall will mark his third solid year living vegan with me. 

If I could be a coaching client of Steve's, I would in a heartbeat. I actually get jealous - yep, I said it, jealous! - of the many others touched by Steve's work as they navigate their wellness journey towards optimum health. Sure I get to have his support every day, but his coaching clients also get the structure of a life map along with all of the resources Steve has collected from his schooling and experience. It's pretty amazing! 

This month, Steve is literally giving away a free month of coaching to handful of people, which means for an entire month, you'll get the kind of best friend I got when I first went vegan. I can't emphasize enough how transformational your life will be after Steve touches it. And you don't even have to live in Los Angeles to benefit from this offer.

I implore you - reach out to Steve and change your life for the better. Let him shower that unconditional love on you that he does so easily with every single person in his life. I'm proof of his encouragement, and I think I'm doing a pretty swell job!

To learn more and set up that first call, email Steve at ahimsalifecoaching@gmail.com.

(And Steve, if you're reading this, no, this isn't to get me out of doing the dishes later. But a foot massage may be in order...)


Molly G said…
It's true. Steve is really rad. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like Steve!
Robin Rajput said…
A partner like that is a gift from God.
I too write about my life on my blog and I just hope I have something as strong as you guys have. Cheers to you!