Make this today. Make it make it make it.

kale avocado salad amazingness.

a big bowl full of kale.
1-2 avocados. 
juice of 1-2 lemons.
salt and garlic powder to taste.
handful of nooch (nutritional yeast) if yer feelin' fancy.

wash your hands! 
rip kale into little pieces in bowl. peel avocado and scoop the good stuff inside with a spoon over the kale. squeeze lemon juice over the kale, and sprinkle in a little garlic powder and salt. 
add nooch if you have it on hand. 
get your hands in the bowl and mix everything together, massaging the kale with your fingers as you go. 
this will make the kale soft and yummy. 
eat all by yourself or with a friend. 

share this recipe with anyone who thinks kale is gross or has no idea what this magical green leaf is!



CurlyLocks said…
I LOVE KALE...and avocados...and luckily, I have all the ingredients at home. Can't wait to try it! I already know that my non-kale-loving husband will refuse to try it.
that sounds SO delicious...kale and avocado -- the perfect combination! thanks for sharing!
Making this right now- just happen to have fresh lemons, fresh kale and fresh avos!

Hey, if you haven't heard yet, I'm working with G from VeganProteins and am offering that same raffle for Vega products that you did! If you want to let anyone know they have their second chance at winning to check out my blog:, that would be awesome! I talked to Steven via email too :)
Lindsay said…
Bill - thanks for the support and info!
Molly G said…
Love this. I already love kale, but who doesn't need more kale in their lives? Nomnomnom.

Myra Wolf said…
This Kale Salad is a piece of heaven because it is yummy and because I ate it the first time with you! Love you forever! xo. See you in less than 5 weeks!!
Angel Neill said…
I have been reading your blog since I've gone vegan (4/24/12- best decision of my life thus far)and you are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey. I've learned so much just from reading your blog. Every day I learn more and more and I read voraciously to be ready (as you like to say) to answer all those questions. Because information is power afterall. Although I don't know you personally, I am thankful for your positive presence in my life.
Unknown said…
Angel - wow. Thank you for making a gal tear up and remember why she started blogging in the first place. Readers like you keep me going, and you are an "angel" (literally and figuratively!) for your beautiful words. And congrats on living vegan! xo
Alyssa said…
Yum, Lindsay you have the greatest ideas. This recipe combines some of my favorite foods. Adding to the grocery list now...