Get Buff! Vega Style! & A Raffle for You

This should put an end for good to one of the most commonly asked questions toward vegans:  

"Where do you get your protein?"

Here, now, in 2012, we definitely know for a fact:

1) Most Americans consume waaay too much protein, which can have detrimental health effects.

2) A balanced whole-foods, plant-based diet provides plenty of protein for a thriving life.

3) You can be vegan and you can be buff and you can be an elite athlete.  At the same time.  And here's the proof:

Robert Cheeke, vegan bodybuilder, President of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness, and author of the Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness book

Jimi Sitko, vegan bodybuilder and certified fitness trainer

Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete, creator of Vega, author of Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life (and other Thrive sibling books)

...and many more peak performance experts and elite athletes who reached/are reaching the pinnacle of their sport, game, competition through a plant-based diet (find them here or here)!

Beyond food itself, we venture into the world of protein and nutritional products (supplements, powders, shakes, bars, etc.) and find many high quality vegan protein and nutritional product options.

I reached out to Giacomo of about trying out some new nutritional/fitness products.  He set me up with some samples of vegan proteins from Vega and SunWarrior.  Here they are:

As someone who's been a big fan and user of Vega's Whole Food Health Optimizer just in my normal day-to-day, it was a blast actively using other products around workouts.  All of them, it turned out, were fantastic.  Gaining more muscle, my specific goal, has always been a bit tricky for me.  Recently, I've put on a good few pounds and am noticing a distinct difference in my muscle tone, which is outstanding.  During my times of consistent Vega use (in addition to "active" eating throughout my day, consciously planned for my workouts), including using the samples, I've seen the greatest change.

I noticed the Recovery Accelerators, in addition to tasting good, reduced soreness and fatigue in my body - taking them after more strenuous workouts than usual, I awoke the next day feeling fresher and lighter than expected.  My personal favorite flavor is the Chocolate SaviSeed, and I do like their chocolate flavor overall (also in the SunWarrior).  The VegaOne's flavor has gotten even better, and I love the variety throughout all of their products - from Vanilla Chai to more tropical flavors to chocolate variations... or just keeping it plain and simple with a natural flavor.  

On that note: it's time for you to get the chance to experience some Vegan Proteins!  KMIV and Ahimsa Life Coaching are raffling off one 16.3 oz Tub of Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer (Vanilla Chai flavor) for all of you!  All you need to do is follow the simple directions below and increase your chances to win some Vegan Proteins goodness!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For all those looking to get buff Vegan style, head on over to and use the promo code "Ahimsa5" on any product(s) for 5% off the price (plus a free blender bottle on your first purchase)!

All the best and yummiest,



I have never tried the Vega, although I have read both the "Thrive" books by Brendan Brazier!

I did 21 days of the Thrive Workout routine and loved it, but I have to say that developing a hybrid between P90x exercises and the Thrive routine keeps you fresh and motivated!
Unknown said…
I love Vega! I put the recovery accelerator powder in my morning green smoothie to help me recover post P90X.
Papi's Girl said…
I love My Vega products. I have used the protein powder, and pre workout drink. I have been vegan for over 2 years now and have lost over 30 lbs eating a plant based diet. I used to be addicted to cardo but now I am working on building lean muscule and transforming my body through weight training. I also struggled with thinking I wasn't getting enough protein and so I felt Vega would help me fill that gap. My main protein sources (other than veggies and fruit) are tofu, beans, quinoa, raw almonds and raw almond butter.

Great post!
Veronica said…
I just finished reading the Thrive Diet and have been itching to try some of the Vega products. Right now I am running and doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution workouts.
M.E. said…
I love Vega WFHO, and the electrolyte hydrator has made me able to give much more in the second half of my Turbo Fire workouts than water alone! I'd love to try more.
Lizzie said…
I'd love to start using Vega, I've been using raw cacao, raw maca and hemp protein powder in my shakes for over a year now as my post workout smoothie. I'm a triathlete and just ran my first marathon so most of my working out has been yoga, running, swimming and biking... it keeps me pretty busy and vegan protein shakes keep my energy up!
A. Platz said…
I am so interested in Vega. As a Yoga Teacher and a runner I am always looking to find food/supplements that support me and my lifestyle.
Billiejean said…
I have never tried Vega before! I could never afford it, but it sounds great! My favorite workout routine is a mix of things! I don't like doing the same thing over and over again. I love doing HIIT, Plyo, Tabatas, RUNNING, weight lifting, cycling, you name it! I don't have a favorite workout meal, I do all of my workouts between my meals. I'm always fueled and ready to go when I get an itch to work it out! Other than the Vega Vanilla Chai WFHO, I've been wanting to try Sun Warrior!
Christina said…
I absolutely adore the Vega Health Optimizer protein powder (chocolate and berry flavored) and make smoothies with it every single day for my husband and I. It's such a great way to start off my morning. I began running about a year ago so Brendan Brazier has been a huge role model for me and such an inspiration. I am currently making some recipes from THRIVE this week and also trying to eat more raw food instead of my vegan comfort food that I grew accustomed to making. My favorite workouts are just training on my treadmill and bikram yoga practice.
bitt said…
The sunwarrior looks good. I am recovering from injury but my usual favorite workout is swimming and the elliptical machine.
Unknown said…
Im studying nutrition and fitness at SFSU and absolutely addicted to it, learning about it and preaching it to the world.

15 days till i go completely raw and so exited!!
so deffinaly going to be getting some SunWarrior Raw Vegan Protein!!
Heather said…
I've tried some of the other Vega stuff, but never the vanilla chai. Sounds yummy!
R3B3CA said…
Vega is my absolute favourite, the pre workout energizer always helps me immensely, I've never tried the recover though.
Kjersten Conway said…
i have always wanted to try vega, but as a broke college student i have never been able to afford it. i love living an active vegan lifestyle. 6 months ago i started rock climbing and i have loved watching myself improve and building more vegan muscle! however, my progress came to a screeching halt a week and a half ago when a nasty bouldering fall fractured my spine in two places. i was lucky that there was no nerve damage, and hopefully i will be nearly back to normal by the end of june. but while i recover, i will go through a total of six cranky weeks with no physical activity whatsoever. after that point i will be doing lots of physical therapy and starting my old workouts again. i will lose a great deal of the muscle i have worked so hard to build, but vega would be such an incredible ally in my journey to regain my strength! i also look forward to jumping back on the horse and climbing again. it will be a challenge, but i can't wait to tackle it head on!
Congrats to Aimee ("bitt") - you are the winner of the Vega Raffle! Enjoy your Vanilla Chai WFO!
Anonymous said…
I've been reading that you don't really have to combine plants (like rice and beans) to make complete proteins. True or not?