A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words... Unless You Eat It: Foodie Special at The Veggie Grill!

Shangri-La.  Atlantis.  Never Never Land.  El Dorado.  All places of complete and utter wonder, delight, treasure, reward, fantasy, and dreams.   Where you could live forever in endless abundance and prosperity.  Well, these places may not (or may) actually exist, but I know of a place of endless abundance, where you don't necessarily live forever but can eat forever... and it sure is a treasure (and it does exist!).  I'm talking Veggie Grill.

Created by Kevin Boylan and T.K. Pillan, The Veggie Grill mixes the best of both worlds, of "Healthy" and "SoAmazingIJustCan'tBelieveMyTasteBuds."  With seven locations in Southern California and one in Oregon, The VG takes our favorite foods of new and old - burgers, wings, mac 'n cheese, fries - and gives them a spin in a more healthful, compassionate direction.  

In VG's Nutritional Primer, they state, "Our purpose at The Veggie Grill is to serve you delicious and wholesome food. By wholesome, we mean good calories and good fats that are 100% plant-based."  And they do just that.

Lindsay and I were invited to a special tasting where we joined Heather Spilsbury of BlazePR, Christina Xenos of Southern California Media Group and WhereLA.com, and Kevin Boylan, the VG co-founder foodie mastermind mentioned above.  We met, we talked, but, mostly, we ate.


So we're gonna try to keep this simple.  Especially since it's hard to salivate over long paragraphs.  But let me tell you, today's feature is easy to get excited and hungry about: Veggie Grill's NEW menu.  Yeah, you heard me correctly.  If you live in SoCal or Beaverton, Oregon, maybe you've already tried out some of their new options; maybe this is the first you're hearing about it.  And to everyone outside of these locations, I apologize for the gratuitous display of mouthwatering, delectable yum-yums below that will inevitably invoke a voraciousness of appetite and craving so powerful that you may have to visit us here in LA immediately for a all-day field trip of food... but I must share these delicious and savory goodies with the world... I must

So now, without any further ado, ready your eyes (to be widened with delight!), prepare your minds (to be blown by these edible masterpieces!), and harness your stomaches (cuz there's a lot of growlin' that's gonna be done!) for... VEGGIE GRILL'S NEW MENU ITEMS!!!!!!

Crispy Chickin' Plate - fried comfort under a bath of gravy
Blackened Chickin' Plate - the gourmet choice
(must garnish with lemon, Kevin's rule)
Urban Plate - don't be fooled, the blackened tempeh is hiding underneath
Buffalo Bomber - gettin' tangy with your 'wich
VG Rollers - grill it, salsa it, and roll with it
"Crab" Cake - a mighty har!har! for the "crab" and tartar
B-Wing Salad - greens 'n' wings, my tummy sings

Chocolate Pudding Parfait - hope you left room for dessert, Choco Pudding 2.0

(Moment of silence. And visual digestion.)

Wow.  Did you lick, or even eat, your computer screen?  Did you need that moment of silence to wipe up the drool puddle you've left?  Are you gonna get your butt to Veggie Grill?!  You better, this food needs to be eaten... by YOU!

Steve, Lindsay, Kevin, Heather, Christina = Yummed Out :-)
We enjoyed everything.  Seriously, sometimes you approve some and disapprove others... can't do that here.  Everything was so well-prepared, visually engaging, and absolutely delicious. 

If we had to pick our tops?  

Lindsay's favorites: the B-Wing Salad & the "Crab" Cake Sandwich
Steve's favorites: the Urban Plate & the "Crab" Cake Sandwich 

(We've both been waiting for a vegan crab cake for the longest time!)

What are your favorites (from looking or tasting)??

Steve & Lindsay

P.S. Don't have a Veggie Grill near you (yet)?  Email info@veggiegrill.com to find out more about the possibilities and opportunities to make it happen!


CurlyLocks said…
Everything looks wonderfully delicious! Karyn's on Green in Chicago makes a tasty faux crab cake.
I fortunately was able to visit Veggie Grille when Kate and I came to see you guys, but before the menu change! I believe I got the "TV Dinner", which was amazing. My stomach is starting to growl, so I must stop talking now. ha
Unknown said…
Loved your post and those pics are amazing! Wish I could make a VG run now! It was so awesome meeting and lunching with you both. Hope to see you soon!
Cadry said…
I hope Veggie Grill continues to grow. I think it's the kind of business that could be a big part in getting people to reevaluate their opinions on "vegan food."