Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy Everything!

Hello lovelies! 

For all who celebrate, a very happy Passover and/or Easter to you! What a time of joy, family, yummy food, and best of all, spring is here! 

This is also a time where a SUPERHERO's amount of compassion is needed, especially because so many traditional foods and practices at this time are not particularly animal-friendly. 

For last-minute help (if you're anything like me, you'll enjoy this section!), you can check out Mercy for Animals' article about Vegan Easter alternatives and VegNews' run-down of cruelty-free Passover practices and recipes. And, just because it was my childhood favorite (was it yours?), you can see Vegansaurus's Vegan Easter Creme Egg Taste Off!

Here's to a compassionate, kiss-worthy holiday!