Have a KISSable Weekend!

Your KMIV Mom & Dad sharing a KISSable moment with Peanut

There always something to celebrate!  This weekend, find your own event, activity, person, meal, whatever!, to celebrate.  

- Spring just started, so you can celebrate the new season, as we head into warmer days, more sunlight, greener surroundings, delicious colorful fresh foods.  Ahimsa Life Coaching has a Springboard newsletter for you, to jump start your season of Green - with food, fun, meditation, and more!

- Tonight marks the beginning of National Unplugging Day, a chance to disconnect from all the technology that steals our undivided focus and attention and reconnect with ourSelves, those we love around us, nature, silence, stillness, and some good ol' R&R - for 24 undivided hours.  Try it tomorrow or find a day in your near future to reboot yourSelf and shut down your electronics.  If you can't go the full 100% due to an absolute necessity with communications or work, try to go as far as you can.  Can you cleanse yourSelf 50% from technology, 75%?  If you know you can but just don't want to, that's when you know you must do it!  So go for it.  We're right there with you :-)

What else?  SO much else!  Everything else!  We'd love for you to post how you are planning on celebrating your weekend, your Spring, your reconnection & refresh time with yourself.  

Have a KISSable weekend!

Lindsay & Steve


Becca said…
I broke out of a 5 day juice cleanse with this today. Yummy!
The 24 hours without technology would be a serious challenge. Sometimes when I go somewhere that doesn't have service there is definitely a calming effect. The fear comes in when you start attempting to use our horrible skill of foresight and predicting what important phone calls, text messages, or emails you may be missing. I will give serious thought to trying this!
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