Let's Get Vegucated: Part 1

We start off with nursery school, head into kindergarten, before we make our big jump to elementary school.  We move our way to middle school, graduate to high school, and take a leap into adulthood with college.  Grad school.  Doctorate program.  And then... what?  What's our next step on the education ladder?  We're technically always students of life, learning from our many experiences, searching for other sources of knowledge to soak in through "Certification in This" and a "Degree in That."  During all of this, there's been one form of education that has been present, through books and courses and lectures and films; however, it hasn't been until this moment that we can officially get the one degree we don't have yet.  Finally, we can say that we've been Vegucated.

Marisa with another hero of mine - Nathan Runkle!
 A true labor of love, as any documentary must be, our heroine, writer/director/narrator/dutchess of all trades, Marisa Miller Wolfson of Vegan at Heart, finally premiered her first documentary, Vegucated, in Los Angeles back in October.  Over six years in the making, Vegucated tells the tale of three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks, under watch and guidance from Marisa and wellness professionals. How did they come to agree to this challenge? They found out about it on an NYC Craigslist ad. An ad Wolfson put up herself.

We don't want to give too much away, just know this: Vegucated is a must-see. For anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. For the vegans looking to deepen their activism, it reminds us why we must continue our fight to protect the most vulnerable beings of our society. For the curious non-vegans, it gives three very different examples of people who embark on a cruelty-free path that will open their hearts to this beautiful, compassionate lifestyle, and, in doing so, will open the heart of anyone who views it. Bottom line - Vegucated is a film we will be sharing with anyone who will listen.

Vegucated trailer

We had the pleasure of capturing Marissa's big, kiss-worthy LA premiere with our lovely KMIV flipcam. In addition to checking out the film, we enjoyed seeing the likes of best selling author and THE Skinny Bitch Rory Freedman, as well as stars like former Price is Right host Bob Barker. I also happened to be seated next to a very handsome Mexican game show host. Magical stuff! 

Below, enjoy interviews with the cast, and a fun-filled wrap up of the evening. Also, keep those peepers open for our NEXT blog post, when we will be featuring an exclusive interview with Marisa!

And that's not all! Drum roll please... 

TODAY is the day when the Vegucated DVD is being released! That means you are one step closer to your own Vegucation. So - get those digits on the keyboard, type in http://www.getvegucated.com/store/, purchase a copy, and start yourself (or someone you love) on a journey I promise will change your life for the better!

We had so much fun making this video, so enjoy!

 For more info about Vegucated and Marisa Miller Wolfson, visit www.getvegucated.com.


Marisa said…
Ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, how I'M the one who's (almost) speechless. Thank you so much, Lindsay and Steve, for your amazing support and kind words. You've been champions of the film all along, and it's so rewarding to see you connect with it so powerfully. YOU keep me going, guys. You rock! And you're too adorable for words. FABULOUS video.
Dying to see this! How great that you were at the premiere!! Fun video!
Myra Wolf said…
I have been waiting for Part I and II! Congratulations Vegucated, Lindsay and Steve for being present for the birth of a wonderful film!
In our busy lives many of us miss firsts.
Your awareness of the passionate people around us, their dreams and accomplishments, let all of us beable to share in their magical moments.... we may have missed if not for you!
I love you, your work and this wonderful film! xoxo
Ash-pants said…
Felt so inspired, I went to the website and am now anxiously awaiting my copy's arrival! Thanks for the great blog :)
Anonymous said…
Lindsay - loved this! Can't wait to see the film.
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