Happy World Vegan Day!

Steve and one of the many rescued turkeys at Farm Sanctuary

From my little Los Angeles family to yours, a very Happy World Vegan Day to YOU! 
Celebrate this day, my friends, with delicious plant-based food and compassionate choices. Enjoy it, and allow it to remind you that the animals of this world need each and every one of you, yes YOU!, to be strong, kind, positive voices for them. More so now than ever. 
“Be passionate and follow your heart, which will encourage and empower yourself and others. And listen to your gut. It is shocking what happens on factory farms; it is not wrong to feel that people should know about it and want it to stop.” 
- Gene Baur, co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary


mima said…
alHappy Happy Day to you too Lindsay!!! I was so honored to meet you Sunday at Cafe Gratitude!!!What a treat!! Amazing food and one of my favorite..inspiring Bloggers!!
I wish I lived closer..and that may be in the future..so I would have some REALLY like minded friends to hang out with!!! You are just adorable!
I love the Central Coast were we live ..sooo laid back and close to nature..so you and your hubby are welcome anytime at our Empty Nest.. 4 bedroom house with loads of free space now that all my babies have flown..sniff!!(Funny that they all ended back up in LA...where I moved from so I wouldnt have to raise them in LA!!!!)LOL!
I never realized how many vegan places you have in LA!! Wow!! So No Worries!!! ..We have Natural Cafe..and uh..whatever you can scrounge at other restarants!!!!You are lucky your hubby is vegan too! My hubby of 33 years has been tolerant...When I cooked it was only veg..my kids were raised on the Classic Veg Cookbook "Laurels Kitchen" ..but it would have been SO much easier if he had been on board..and bless his heart for eating all those years and years of meals that I made!
So hug Steve for being on board with you!! I am proud of myself in a way..cuz I was such a Lone Ranger..and it IS hard ..35 plus years!!!So I give myself some GRACE abot falling off the wagon a couple times a year...but other than that..I feel I have done my BEST to live up to my values!! And I NEVER want to come off as pretentious or judgemental..cuz that is such a turn off to our lifesyle..don't ya think??
So anyways..You are AMAZING!! Keep on Keepin ON!!! Big Cyber Hugs!!~Debi
CurlyLocks said…
Doing my little bit to make this world more compassionate.

Happy World Vegan Day!
Chef E said…
Adorable picture! Happy World Vegan Day all year long!