A Reason to Smile Today.

Last night, I saw a vegan documentary that completely blew me away, melted my heart, and pumped me back into compassionate action. It’s called Vegucated, and it is the vegan baby of activist (and former blog interviewee!) Marisa Miller Wolfson. I will have more on this film soon, since we were VIP guests at the LA premiere last night (fancy I know!), but for now, this is an excerpt from Vegucated’s website. More importantly to note, these are Marisa’s words about the film, and they my biggest reason to smile today.

To me, Vegucated is about the shift that happens when you sit at one side of the dinner table, looking at the vegan on the other side with amusement, envy, or perhaps, slight horror. Then you receive some information or inspiration and suddenly find yourself on the vegan’s side of the table, seeing the dinner in a whole new light...

What we’ve ended up with is a watchable, accessible, honest, and, I believe, universal story about the challenges and the joys that come along with consciously putting one’s actions in alignment with one’s beliefs. It’s also a timely story as we stand on the brink of an “alternative lifestyle” becoming solidly mainstream as more and more people choose plant-based living and more and more media outlets position it as a viable, common sense, and enjoyable solution to some of the greatest challenges of our time...
My hope is that this film will further the conversation about our culture and our relationship to animals, our planet, and our bodies through our food. I hope people who have started down a plant-based path will share it with friends and family and create more peace and understanding at the dinner table. And, of course, I hope that people who are curious about vegan living will embark on their own delicious and fulfilling adventures.

To learn more about Vegucated, check out www.getvegucated.com.