Today, I Ate Yogurt...

Amande with fresh berries, agave, and cinnamon...

And there wasn't a DROP of dairy in it!

Okay, this is a huge reason to smile today, folks. 
Amande yogurt - made from Almondmilk. Comes in plain or flavored, big containers or single serving. Tastes just like your favorite childhood yogurt, except no baby or mama cows are harmed in the making of it. 
And the taste? I don't want to give it away... you're just gonna have to try it yourself!
I just cleaned my bowl... and the possibility of another serving is being considered as I type this post.

Now you have NO excuse to keep eating dairy yogurt (seriously!).  What are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself some! Vote for a compassionate - and delicious - world with that spoon of yours!

Still not sure why you should dump dairy? Or meat? Or fish? Or eggs? Check out to learn more. 


birrrd said…
i'm so jealous of all the good stuff you have in the US.
almond joghurt. sounds awesome.

(but even without there are plenty of tasty soy yogurts around, and i think i would probably dislike the taste of the "real" one right now.)
Yeah I'm jealous of all your American goodies too *folds arms*

Soya is still WAY better than any cow boob juice yoghurt I can imagine!

Sea said…
I tried this some time ago, the raspberry I think. For some reason I didn't like it, though I don't remember why now. I'm still looking for that perfect alt-yogurt. I think I've tried all the various kinds I've come across.

Then again, if it came in Maple flavor, I might be swayed ;) (yes, I could just add Maple syrup to plain, couldn't I)
Jessica said…
I too am really jealous that the USA seems to have some many more options for Vegans. The UK isn't really up to speed at the mo
chelsea said…
I have been wanting to try this, but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe I'll ask the Co-op to order some in.
Also, every time you post I get all excited to see what you have to say.
Rae Sikora said…
And, for those who eat soy....and love the taste of real thick creamy greek yogurt: Whole Soy Unsweetened Plain. Make sure it is unsweetened variety if you like that Greek tanginess. It is fantastic!
Oh yay!! Can't wait to try this. I've been making my own with Unsweetened Almond Milk and Agar Agar, but sometimes it's a pain. Picking some up next grocery run!
pureglow*16 said…
that is awesome!!! vegan yogurt made from coconut milk? doesn't get better than that :D
EvervescenE said…
I got some O'Soy yogurt I was very excited about, until I read the label and saw that the cultures it uses are milk based. So a soy made yogurt that is not vegan, ugh! I am not a fan of soy anyway. I must find this coconut yogurt you shared, perhaps they will have it at Whole Food's in Orlando (2 hours away)? I'm going there next week so I will look into it.
DA said…
I love your web site!
I also have one ;)
luv Vegan :)