My All Natural Medicine. And Yes, It's Vegan!

Hello beautiful KMIV-ers! Happiest of Fridays to you lovelies!
Below, enjoy two photographs from my hike this morning (thank you, iPhone!). Clouds were hanging low in Los Angeles around 6AM, so much so that it looked like we were at the top of the tallest mountain in the world... but we were really just halfway up Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. 

This photograph nearly took my breath away as I snapped it, as the beauty of nature often does. It really gave me pause - I felt so full of gratitude and hope as I looked off the edge and into the mass of clouds in front of me. 
It also made me realize that every person should have, at the very least, the time, space, and resources to enjoy nature on a daily basis. Nature has proved to be a strong medicine when my activist's bones are sore from speaking up so much for animals. It reminds me of how small I really am - that I'm a mere speck of dust in the entire universe's makeup. It reminds me to take a long, deep breath and think joyful, abundant thoughts, as the work I do for and with animals is so much larger than myself. It restores me. 
What restores you?

A sunrise?

Quiet cuddle time with your companion animals?
A hot mug of your favorite tea or coffee with nondairy milk?
A walk around your block?
A hug?
A day at your local animal sanctuary?
I would love to know, so please feel free to share in the comments below! 

One more thing: has a wonderful petition online that's being sent to The United Nations Security Council demanding immediate aid in Somalia. As I'm sure many of you know, Somalia has been hit with a terrible drought and famine, resulting in 2000+ human deaths a day. I always look to action when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the world's tragedies, so I encourage you to do the same and take a moment today to sign their petition. You can find it here: 


Beautiful photos! I completely agree, nature is like my therapy!!
Myra Wolf said…
My special places are in my memory . When I see or hear a sight or sound that triggers one of those special memories of everything new and beautiful I am feeling close to what heaven may be.
The smell of the aroma of food cooking.
The sound of a baby laughing - it brings back the little faces of my children when they were babies and laughing at everything new and unexpected.
The sound and smell of morning.
The feel of rain.
The feel and sound of the words I love you.
The look of happiness.
A fall night with a crisp feel in the air and crickets chirping.
The feel of being rich.
The security and protected feelings I felt the day after my wedding. The forever commitment I felt in my heart.

Whatever and wherever you find your specialness, the longer you live the more memories you have that are triggered with every site, smell, sound and feeling you have.

Happy Friday and I hope you make alot of memories this weekend. xoxo I love you.
Lindsay, my favorite thing to do is visit an animal sanctuary! There is nothing like cuddling with some animals! I also wanted to say thank you for all your vegan blogging! It has inspired me to create my own. Its in its very beginning stages and I am still organizing things for it. It will focus on Vegan beauty and bakeries.
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