A Sunday at Animal Acres

With our sponsored goose, Winston. 
Most Sundays are good, but not outstanding. 

This Sunday was outstanding. 

Steve and I started our day with coffee, a Badass Vegan Breakfast Sandwich, and bagel from Locali on Franklin Ave - if you haven't tried the badass (which it most definitely is!) sandwich there, please go now, and take a non-vegan friend with you! With food and drink in hand (or rather lap and cup holder), we then made the 45-minute trip up to Animal Acres. We were intending to only stay for a couple of hours. Nearly six hours later, as the sun was getting lower in the sky, we forced ourselves to say goodbye to the human and animal residents at Animal Acres and return home to Los Angeles. 

A very happy Steve and a very happy Turkey Lurkey.
Included in this post are some of the photos from our experience, and a hilarious reason to smile at the end. But I should note that while I have many reasons to smile at Animal Acres that include the animals there, my biggest reasons to smile yesterday were activists and sanctuary helpers Cameron O'Steen, Ciddy Fonteboa, and Morgan Fey. They are inspiring, hardworking, and generous people, and being around them replenishes and reinvigorates my animal lovin' spirit. 

If you haven't already noticed from my regular posts about Animal Acres on KMIV, I am head over heels in love with this sanctuary. Please consider donating, becoming a member, sponsoring an animal, or, if you live near Acton, giving this beautiful place a visit. You can learn more at www.animalacres.org.

Ciddy Fonteboa and Cocoa.

 Sharing a moment with Cocoa before heading to the turkeys.

Winston - isn't he so regal?

Turkey Lurkey at rest.

Turkey Lurkey at play.

Sweet, beautiful Lila takes a nap.

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."
- Albert Einstein

And now for our biggest, and FUNNIEST, reason to smile:


JL goes Vegan said…
OMG, that video is hysterical (and precious) Are they engaged now? ;) So sweet. I have a similar love affair with a goat, Clover, at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Just one visit is enough to keep one humble and to remind all of us why we continue to live a vegan lifestyle!
CurlyLocks said…
Funny video! Steve, I wonder if your turkey "girlfriend" at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary still thinks of you?
Minette said…
That made me laugh out loud and my dog freak out!!! His ears went up, his head went up from a dead sleep and he was trying to figure out where the noise was coming from!
I've never heard Turkey Lurkey talk so much! Steve shall now be know as the "Turkey Whisperer"! Although, he did look as though he was going to be mounted at any moment! lol
I was laughing so hard and so loud. And I'm all by myself too! This ended my afternoon perfectly.

Steve really had the facial expressions and head movements going there. I have to share this with the fam.

Love you both. Hugs from Hawaii.
plantpeacedaily said…
I just posted this on my facebook page.....you two wonderful nutburgers.....I LOVE it.
Leslie said…
Maybe it's just me, but I enjoyed this video even more than the YouTube twin boys conversation. I guess it is because I can relate more to this one.
BTW, I made Steve's SBT Burgers over the weekend (recipe made 11) and Mel and I are in heaven and enjoying the leftovers all week.
Veggie Burgher said…
Awwww....loved the turkey talk!
Anonymous said…
just played this off for myself and was so happy to hear it. For a test, I replayed it with my beagle nearby and she reacted immediately, circling this laptop. Then the alpha cat woke up and came over and is "circling the wagon trains." Then the pomeranian joined in the circling. How much we don't know about what they know.
Anneka said…
Dude, I want to talk turkey! It doesn't seem like a hard language to learn! I think she was getting jealous when he started talking to the duck! So funny. It made me smile=)
how cute they are......