Help Send Lindsay to Vida Vegan Con!

Hey KMIVers!  Steve here!

Life as a vegan blogger for Lindsay has been one of the most rewarding opportunities in her life.  Mind you, the stress of having/wanting/needing to blog for all of our amazing followers has gotten to her before: while she was jobless and had to make Craig's List searching a bigger priority; while Blogger was on the fritz and our computer - with low-hard drive space - was making it virtually impossible to put up a post successfully (and then having to cross our fingers hoping it didn't get erased).  But, throughout it all, knowing that YOU, our amazing, compassionate, insightful, loving happy vegan followers were always there guided her to tough it out, get back on, and blog away for YOU.  We can't see our lives without Kiss Me, I've Vegan! and the KMIV family, and we thank you so much for always being there.

As a blogger, Lindsay always hopes to gain more followers and support doing what she loves, because the more the caring, cruelty-free word of veganism can spread in a delicious, easy, and helpful way, the more the animals benefit - the more you benefit - the more the world benefits!!!  So, that brings us to the event of all events for vegan bloggers, the very first ever: VIDA VEGAN CON!  (loud gong)

The Vida Vegan Bloggers' Conference is (will be...but already "is" in my mind) the premiere conference for vegan bloggers from all around the world.   It's professionally run and the absolute best forum for vegan bloggers to connect and enjoy two and a half days of workshops, speakers, class, panels, special events, and, of course, food & fun!   Five percent of all their registrations are donated to animal sanctuaries (isn't that great?!).  This year, it is being held in Portland, Oregon from August 26th-28th.  

Some of the speakers include (ready for this star-studded lineup?): our own KMIV interviewees Isa Chandra Moskowitz (Vegan Baking/Brunch Goddess), Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Compassionista Gold Medalist), Jasmin Singer (Animal Activist Extraordinaire); also, Lindsay Shay Nixon (upcoming interviewee, from Happy Herbivore), Colleen Holland and Elizabeth Castoria (Co-creator and Managing Director, respectively, of VegNews), Bryanna Clark-Grogan (Vegan Chef and Author; our Country-Fried Tofu inspiration!), and Sunny Subramanian (from PETA2).  The founders, Janessa Philemon-Kerp (of Epicurious Vegan), Jess Scone (of Get Sconed!), Michele Truty (of Vegtastic Voyage), and Stephanie Redcross (of Vegan Mainstream) should be given a standing ovation and a big tin of Isa's Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows for creating this spectacular event and, in turn, a two and half day concentrated circle of the greatest compassion and foodie power you'll ever find.

Not surprisingly, Vida Vegan Con is already sold out!  And guess who doesn't have a ticket... :-(

But that can't be so! Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! yearns to be at Vida Vegan Con, dreams of being at Vida Vegan Con, belongs at Vida Vegan Con!!!  So, when Jess Scone (thank you, Jess Scone!), presented a contest to win a free ticket to VVC, I jumped at the opportunity.  KMIV must be there!  And Lindsay must go to represent!  The contest: Write a song.  The requirements: The mention of "vegan" and "Vida Vegan Con" somewhere in the lyrics, and the absolute intention to attend.  Well, thank the vegan gods that Lindsay was singing The Little Mermaid a few days ago, because my creative mind immediately went into action and we came up with this: "Completely Ve-gan", to the tune of "Part of Your World".

We've posted on the Get Sconed! webpage and YouTube already - the winner will be announced on May 20th.  All we ask of you, our loyal KMIV followers, is to show as much support as possible through views and comment posts on both Get Sconed! and YouTube.  As I mentioned before, it's an absolute dream for my bloginista of a wife to attend such a gathering of vegan minds - please help that dream come true!  Below you'll find the video, so have fun watching, have fun commenting, and thank you again for all your wonderful support.

If you want to go that extra distance, please make sure to visit the Get Sconed! link and comment positively about our video at the bottom!


dirtyduck said…
i hope you get to go! great song, you have a sweet voice!
CurlyLocks said…
So-o well done...very clever! Posted a comment on YouTube. Hope you go!
Myra Wolf said…
Love your video...can't stop was actually really funny...the mouth transfers..LOL!!

Anyway...I wonder if you just show up and sneak in...give a donation..Walk in singing the song with a donation bucket and tell them you thought you could get tickets at the door. (And then say if that doesn't work.."Do you know who I am?")...

Love you forever and ever...xoxo