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Make Your Own Pizza Party!

Posted by KissMeImVeganGuy 

Everyone's favorite as a kid!  On Mondays, we'd have friends over for a pizza making event before 24 came on and Jack Bauer kicked butt.

Gone are the days of ol', ordering delivery.  No need to waste gas or a box - make your own pizza!   Gonna be fresher, quicker, and taste better! (Activate your taste buds right away, get saliva going, enzymes working - homemade gives you a head start!)

Many different sizes/ways to make your own pizza!  So much fun, so delicious, so quick, here are a few ways to DIYb (Do It Yourself, baby!):

Photo © Quarry Girl

- Don't like getting down and dirty? There are plenty of pre-made crusts.  A quick favorite: Vicolo's Organic Cornmeal (and Spelt) Pizza Crusts.

- Use your hands!  Buy ready-made dough - we use Whole Foods' brand - and pound/roll it out for whatever size pizza you choose!  Coat your surface with a bit of flour, your baking stone or pan with a bit of cornmeal to prevent sticking, and go have fun!

- Gluten-free?  Of course!  We use Trader Joe's Brown Rice Tortillas, but there are so many out there.  Go find what works best for you!


- Little bit goes a long way!  Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on your dough or crust.

- Get saucy!  Get your favorite tomato sauce, buy a big can of organic tomato paste and spice it up as you wish.

- Go big or go're probably already home, huh?  It's your pizza, use as many toppings as you want to.  But beware: it is possible to overload and then you're in for an incredibly messy eat.  Don't bury, just load it up.  Our favorites: Start with Daiya Mozzarella and/or Cheddar Cheese, or use Follow Your Heart cheese, shredded sweet potatoes, sliced Field Roast Sausages, diced tomatoes, sliced eggplant, sliced baby bella mushrooms, seitan strips, diced Gardein Crispy Tenders, onions, peppers, fresh basil, spinach, kale, nooch (nutritional yeast, for a yummy parmesan flavor).


Bake at 425 degrees for 15-20 minutes for larger pizzas, 12-15 for smaller ones (Leave the last 5 minutes on broil to melt the cheese to its absolute gooeyness).

Voila!  The list is endless, the varieties go on forever.  Let everyone chip in a couple ingredients and you have an inexpensive, delicious pizza party!  Get involved and M.Y.O.P. with lots of love and scrumptious homemade goodness!  

Steven Todd Smith is an actor, Life Nutrition Counselor, animal activist, and vegan who loves to make a difference and have fun doing it.  He is a guest blogger at Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! and has a health counseling practice in the works.


CurlyLocks said…
Looks and sounds great! I probably shouldn't have read this right before supper. Now, I'm not going to be happy with my vegan bean stew...

Just curious...what spices do you use with the tomato sauce/paste?
Jesse said…
Yum! Pizza always sounds like an awesome idea - and ordering out can get tricky. Glad I have a new pizza recipe to make at home!
Looks great and fun! But let me get this straight . . . you watched 24 when you were a kid? We loved that show. Wow. I feel old.
Myra Wolf said…
You went and got me hungry. Just a fast note...I saw a woman on tv doing a "pizza" and not using any crust. As her crust she used a big portabella opened with the stem ect..gutted to be a big cap.
She did not drizzle it with olive oil or anything..just added tomatoe sauce or crushed tomatoes, seasoned, and any topping you want...popped into oven for 10 mins or so...xoxoxo
Myra Wolf said…
oh also...look under blog buzz...Google has just bought you guys..(kinda) xo
a bit late with the comment but that's what they call "hawaiian time." =0) lol, thanks for the article/ideas! everytime jeri asks me where i want to go to eat for my bday, i say "pizza!"

btw, i decided to stop by this morning after jeri saw you famous people on TV last night (Genesis Awards). that was just waaaaay toooo cool!