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Recently, my hubby has secured one awesome gig - the chance to blog every single Friday for an eco-friendly, kiss-worthy website called Greenwala. A description on the website aptly reads: 

Thank you for visiting Greenwala (Wala is a word used in parts of Asia that means “person”). Greenwala has been described as a company that is a Conscious Collective. We are focused on harnessing the power of a community to create opportunities for people to "Go Green" and improve their lives. Every individual has the power to foster change and we want you to help bring about the change that we are seeking in our communities both online and offline.

Pretty amazing, right? Well KissMeImVeganGuy (a.k.a Steve) has joined the ranks on Greenwala and will be guest blogging on there for a good, long time. So, I had an idea - why not combine Steve's guest blogs, Greenwala, and Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! here on the blog? And thus, Greenwala Fridays with Steve was born!

Below, enjoy Steve's Greenwala guest blog, and by all means, go check out this awesome site and become a member (it's free!). Happy Friday, beauties, and I hope you all have a compassionate, yummy, and veggie-filled weekend.

The Versatile Creamy Cashew

Posted by KissMeImVeganGuyApprentice
Friday, March 11 2011 

Everyone loves creamy, right?  Well, I know many people that do - and I'm definitely one of them.  So when I stopped consuming dairy products, the first thought to cross my mind was:  how am I going to get my creamy fix?  Ice cream?  Cream cheese?  Creamy sauces, creamy toppings?

Of course, I was able to find plenty of creamy non-dairy alternatives that proved to be both healthier and - take my word on this - even more delicious.  However, my journey got even better when I discovered something that would make all my creamy dreams come true (you know what I mean....dirty mind, you....):

The Versatile Cashew.  Soak, blend, mix - instant creamy.

First off, cashews are an excellent source of monounsaturated fat, supporting healthy levels of good cholesterol and reduced triglyceride levels for a healthy heart and body, and have lower fat content than most other nuts.  Also, while we live in a dairy-heavy country that carries some of the highest osteoporosis rates in the world, cashews provide great amounts of copper and magnesium that play an essential role is healthy, strong bones and calcium balance.  And, as you will see, they can provide all the creamy, yummy goodness that you'll ever need.  I recommend raw and organic with your cashews (beats those heavily roasted ones any day).

Basics you'll need: A blender or food processor, cashews (lots of em!), water, plus other fun goodies once you start experimenting with the world of cashews!

You take two cups of rinsed cashews, soak them overnight or for a couple of hours, rinse them well again, throw them in the blender with cold water that at least covers them (depending on how thick you want your cream).  Boom.  Cashew Cream.  And that's just the beginning.

Cashew cream can be used to top your favorite dishes, make a creamy-licious alfredo sauce, ricotta filling, or cream cheese.


You can start making your own cashew-based ice cream - you'll find lots of vegan/non-dairy/raw options around, with places like Lula's Sweet Apothecary in NYC and KindKreme in LA leading the way and products like Blue Mountain stealing people's hearts and taste buds.

I've included a few recipe links so you can get started immediately (and frequently!) in your journey toward ultimate non-dairy creaminess.  Go on!  Be a nut about it!  And you know what kind of nut I'm talking about.......



Steven Todd Smith is an actor, Life Nutrition Counselor, animal activist, and vegan who loves to make a difference and have fun doing it.  He is a guest blogger at Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! and has a health counseling practice in the works.


Cashew cream...mmm! I'm a greenwala too! So glad you're writing there. Thanks for all this info Steve.
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CurlyLocks said…
Cashew cream is so yummy! I just made it last weekend to drizzle over my butternut squash soup. Having a VitaMix certainly helps to make an incredibly smooth cashew cream. Good blog, Steve!
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