Reasons to Smile.

1. The fact that it's November, and that means I can:

Listen to holiday music. (a vegan Christmas baby can never start too early...) Add pumpkin spice to my coffee and soymilk every single day. Make yummy vegan desserts in the name of Thanksgiving Day preparation. Count down the days until Steve and my East Coast holiday return. (a mere forty-five, to be exact!) The list goes on and on...

2. Santa Monica's Veggie Pride Parade - what a fabulous, kind, fun, and entertaining day of veggie love! I couldn't be more proud to be a part of such a positive, compassionate movement. Special thanks to Animal Acres for making this awesome day possible!

3. New York Times including vegans in the Thanksgiving conversation by sharing vegan and vegetarian-friendly recipes all month long. To check out their first recipe, click here!

4. Liz Longacre, vegan blogger and founder of Your Time Travels sharing not one, but TWO rockin' guest posts this month! 

5. This picture.

 6. Speaking of bloggers, the beautiful authors of two vegan-friendly blogs: Cheryl Allen Salinas of A Midlife Vegan, Jeri and Dave over at God Dreams For Me in My Vegan Playground. You guys rock my socks!

Photo courtesy of Joanna Wilson Photography.

7. Pumpkin spice cupcakes. Need I say more?

8. Real Food Daily in West Hollywood. Simply. Amazing.

9. My blog's two year birthday on November 21st. More details to come! 

10. "Compassion is the foundation of everything positive, everything good. If you carry the power of compassion to the market place and the dinner table, you can make your life really count."  
- Rue McClanahan

What are your reasons to smile today?


Liz Longacre said…
Lindsay, you're AWESOME!! You make me smile!! :) My website's still being worked on but it should be finalized next week! Thanks for the love!
Lindsay -- Thank you soooo much for your very kind words and the link! You know you were my inspiration! You are amazing -- keep up your wonderful work, and enjoy the pumpkin spice!!
CurlyLocks said…
Your "Reasons to Smile" always make me smile!
Lindsay said…
Thanks ladies - you make ME smile everyday because you are so inspiring! :)
Okay, you started the waterworks. I started smiling (as always) as I travel down your awesome list and then, "Hey, that's us" and Cheryl too! Wow!

All the pics you've been sharing make me smile :D The animals are so cuddly.

Could you pass the pumpkin spice please? ;-)
Melissa said…
Great list today Lindsay! Exciting news about the blog's upcoming birthday. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!