Reasons to Smile: Post Thanksgiving Edition

1. I've extended the deadline for my Terrific Thanksgiving Giveaway! Want the chance to win a free cookbook? I'm looking for vegan holiday meal photos to feature on the blog. Check out this link to learn how to enter! 

2. Sitting around a group of vegan and non-vegan friends and taking in the joy and peace of knowing that the Thanksgiving meal you shared did not involve a single turkey. In fact, it was almost entirely vegan!

2. Finding out from a new friend that they've decided to try going vegan after I hoped they would.

3. Karen Dawn, activist and author of Thanking the Monkey, showing some feathered friends she values their life during a holiday that usually doesn't.

4. Looking into the eyes of your partner in crime and reaffirming the love you share - at a farmed animal sanctuary. 

(To be clear, I should note: I surprised my husband with a vow renewal at Animal Acres this past Sunday. Sarah Cooper, one of Animal Acres' wonderful new employees, officiated. The amazing Joanna Wilson of Joanna Wilson Photography and Brian Leahy of The Groom Says witnessed. Cameron O' Steen, Animal Acres' education liason, was in attendance and helped with all of the details of the day. It was glorious and very worthy of a spot on this list today.) 

5. Reading ninety pledges from people all over the world declaring on here that you wouldn't consume a turkey on Thanksgiving and feeling as if my heart grew two sizes bigger. You are all my heroes.

6. Sharing a good stare with a rescued donkey who wants nothing more than to snuggle with you.

7. Getting to see Bold Native yet again - and purchase a DVD too! If you haven't heard of this tremendously brave, beautiful film, please visit their website right now -

8. Talking with a safe, happy, curious turkey.

9. Hearing from my dad that talking to me pushed him to not eat a turkey this Thanksgiving. Go Dad!

10. Although it felt like I was a million miles away (since I was thousands), receiving photos on my phone from my mom, brother and sister at Thanksgiving, which included an entirely vegan Thanksgiving dinner.  

11. The fact that Christmas is only a few weeks away... :)

What are YOUR reasons to smile today?


My reasons to smile: My fiancee gets home today. Also having the Christmas tree up, sipping tea and looking out the window at nearly a foot of snow! I love the holidays!
Molly G said…
Reasons to smile: A partner who gets me and a beautiful bunny who is back at home!
A reason to smile: Reading your wonderful, uplifting blog, Lindsay!
Lindsay said…
Aw ladies - beautiful reasons to smile! Jacquelynn - that sounds amazing! Molly - I hear you on that. :) Cheryl - thank you!!
My reasons to smile: 1) The blessing of my first vegan Thanksgiving ever! 2) That it represents our freedom to choose how we live without judging others so we can compassionately share the message. 3) That this blog totally represents that :D
Liz Longacre said…
My reason to smile: my mother also made a totally vegan thanksgiving (although she's not vegan) and she even only fed my dog vegan pumpkin soup (usually she gives him meat)! Love the vow renewal story Lindsay, such beautiful idea!
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