Why I Do What I Do.

I received this email last week from one of my young readers. It is an eloquent, thoughtful, and inspiring message that connects right back to the reason I began this blog in the first place - so that anybody, anywhere, at any point in their life, could feel they could be an ambassador for animals and a vegan lifestyle.  Originally, I had planned for my blog to be filled with only recipes, but as my life grew in so many different directions, I wanted that growth reflected on this website. What I've received in return from readers like this special young lady is something I am immensely grateful for and humbled by - simply put, it keeps me going on this journey.

"After seeing your latest post today, I thought I'd send you a quick note to wish you a happy vegan anniversary. I thought that you'd also like to know that it is because of people like you and those you feature on your blog that I have been inspired to become more of an animal activist. 

This month, with the support of a group at school that raises awareness about environmental issues, I organized a "Vegetarian Awareness" campaign. I worked with the college's food service to do Meatless Mondays this month and to emphasize a plant-based, flexitarian menu for the rest of the week. We tabled outside the main dining hall on Friday asking people to pledge to try a vegetarian diet this month, I made a presentation of educational facts about the environmental consequences of eating meat to be shown on the televisions around the dining tables, I created a large sign to feature the daily meat-free meals, and I am currently working on an article for the school newspaper on the topic. Knowing that so many students will have less opportunity to consume meat this month and will learn how tasty and easy it is to be vegetarian is ah-mazing! 

Thanks for showing me how awesome it is to speak out for the animals and how rewarding it is to make every effort to educate people about how important it is to not eat them."

I get giddy when I read emails like this. Always feel free to reach out and share your story - send questions, comments, or anything else you can think of to kissmyvegan@gmail.com


This is awesome! I'm so glad this reader is reaching out to others and working toward positive, cruelty-free change.
You are so inspiring, Lindsay! -- Look at this example of your "ripple effect"! There are likely more than you know of these. . . .

Keep up the good work!
Molly G said…
It is nice to be reminded every once in a while that we are creating positive change for the animals! You are amazing!

Keep an eye out for my Thanksliving post. I'll probably get to write it tomorrow! (also, sorry we didn't get to talk this weekend.)