Steve's Guest Blog: World Go Vegan Week

Hey KMIVers!  Happy Vegan New Year!  Sort of.

Photo courtesy of In Defense of Animals
This final week of October (the 24th to the 31st) is officially World Go Vegan Week!  Started in 2006 by the organization In Defense of Animals, we are now celebrating our fifth annual Vegan week - and there is a lot to celebrate!

First off, Vegan Week is an international celebration of compassion and care for people, animals, and the planet, promoting the many benefits of a vegan diet as a healthy, sustainable way of both eating and living.  IDA and Mercy For Animals have teamed up this year, reaching out to restaurants in each of the cities occupied by a MFA office.  Each of these restaurants have developed an exclusive vegan menu for this weeklong event, incorporating their own flavor and flare into these new, delicious vegan dishes.  You can find out more about the participating cities and restaurants here.

Photo courtesy of Mercy For Animals
I have the distinct, and coincedental, pleasure of being in NYC during this festive time.  Joining forces with the already powerful IDA and MFA, GustOrganics, NYC's premier green restaurant, and Alexandra Jamieson create a dynamic team that promotes health, hope, and compassion through delectable vegan cuisine.  If you're in NYC, check out more on GustOrganics' all-day vegan menu - brunch, lunch, and dinner - and make sure you get your butt over there to try the food!  You have until Sunday!

Look forward to interviews with the people who made this happen: Matt Rice, MFA's NYC coordinator; Alexandra Jamieson, vegan gourmet chef and holistic health coach; Alberto Gonzalez, founder of GustOrganics, and Kathya Bustamante, Alberto's business partner.

So, get your booties out to some of these fine dining establishments and stay tuned for more delicious details! 

The above post was written by my handsome, passionate vegan hubby. I should know - I'm his wife.



You make me wanna get my butt on a plane, get my booties on, and head on over.

I just found out about this on Tuesday. Rest assured. Next year, I will be calling some establishments to get involved.

You and Lindsay are some the most awesome people.
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