Brian Leahy is awesome. Animal Acres is awesome. Put them together? Wowzers.

On Sunday, a friend of mine, photographer and blogger (among many other wonderful things) Brian Leahy, joined me for a trip to Animal Acres. I wanted to capture the beauty and joy of this wonderful new place I've begun volunteering at, and I knew that someone like Brian would be able to help me do that. And help me he did.

I don't want to say too much, because the photographs are so gorgeous and moving that they speak for themselves. What I will say is this: Brian and his wife, Joanna, have a beautiful photography company based in Los Angeles, and, besides being amazingly generous people, they are so talented at what they do - whatever it is they may be doing at any given time! Brian also happens to keep a rockin' blog called The Groom Says that is a unique, hilarious, and touching presence among the countless sea of wedding blogs that pop up every year. You should definitely check it out - whether you're getting married, have already gotten married, or just like to read - because he's that good, folks. (Click here to read my personal favorite, a post that will definitely get you hooked on this guy's stuff!)

Okay, I said I wouldn't say too much, but anyone who knows me knows that just isn't possible. So now, I'll shut up and let the pics do the talking. Enjoy, and please get your butt out to Animal Acres if you live in Southern Cali and have never been! They are a tremendous organization, and one that I will be blogging about as much as I can in the future.  

Fred. What can I say? It was love at first cuddle. 

Those silly cows - they were so hungry that they forgot we were there!

Tour Liason Ciddy Fonteba capturing a moment - she is one awesome gal!

Turkey Lurkey and Education/Outreach Liason Cameron O'Steen share a moment. 
Animal Acres intern Sara and Turkey Lurkey get close. 

You might be my favorite little guy. Shhh... don't tell anyone...

All photos © Joanna Wilson Photography.

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Philip Steir said…
Very beautiful...very true.
Thanks for this wonderful post and photos.
CurlyLocks said…
Brian's beautiful pictures just warmed my heart on this damp, chilly day in Pennsylvania!
Beautiful Pictures! Animal Acres seems like such a wonderful place! This (and the pics) are a great way to spread the word about it!
jana said…
I wanna go!! lovely!
I love how these pics capture the moments story. So beautiful! I honestly can't pic a fave because they're all so wonderful!