Road Trip Preview!

It's been a busy, busy month.

Between moving to Los Angeles with a husband and four kitties, heading back to NYC for a week for work and an audition, and starting my new - and awesome! - job (as the West Coast Cage-Free Egg Campaigner for the HASC), I am totally, utterly, and completely exhausted. Which leaves zilch time for blogging, one of my absolute favorite things to do in all the world. What's a girl to do?

Well, first, count her blessings. Second, find some way to entice her beautiful readers to keep reading, despite less weekly posts! So, here you have it: a few photos from my road trip to pique your interest. Steve and I have been working tirelessly on the side collecting our video shorts to edit, and, once we're done, you'll have a chance to see what an amazing time we had seeking out compassionate experiences on our road trip. Just to give you an idea - Chicago alone brought us The Chicago Diner and with it, the Radical Reuben and an awesome interview with Mercy for Animal's founder, Nathan Runkle. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, folks...

 So, for now - enjoy some pretty pictures, have a lovely and cruelty-free day, and thank you for your patience!

Jumper checks out the latest edition of VegNews.

Rini likes what she sees outside our car window.


Steve, the amazing Nathan Runkle, and yours truly

Wind power! Yipee!

This is what we traveled through in Utah. Pretty awesome.

All of our feline family in one spot.

You want more? You're gonna have to wait! I'm taking a nap now...


Molly G said…
Jumper is so yummy, there are no words. Thank you for continually saying nice things to me about Pippin. We appreciate it. I'll try to give you a call tonight after the vet appointment. I'm holding my breath until then!
Natalie Would said…
Makes me so happy to see that people from all over are checkin' out The Chicago Diner. So glad you had a great time in my hometown :)

NYC is treating me BEAUTIFULLY! ;)
Kitty is so sweet. Don't you just wonder what they're thinking and feeling when the look out the window like that? Shadow does that every so often. I just watch and wonder.

Have fun in all that's going on. Hugs to you, high 5 to hubby.

I enjoy your blog now matter how many posts you do. It's always awesome.

Love, love and more love to you.
CurlyLocks said…
Seeing the pictures is a definite reason to smile!
Oh- it looks like you had a great time...
can't wait for more!
CYoFC said…
I just found your blog through the VA Ladies of LA group and thought I would say hi to a fellow blogger and vegan Angelino. So...hi! Also, that last photo of your kitten made me literally squeal out loud just now. So cute!
Oh my goodness your family is SO CUTE!! Welcome to LA! Hope you are having a blast and meeting all the cool peeps in the vegan community. I'll be back in December and look forward to meeting you in person!