Reasons to Smile.

1. Making shade-grown, organic coffee brought in directly from Costa Rica (squeals of delight!) by my friend,  blogger Molly Glenn of The Vegan Everything. Adding almond milk, vanilla, agave syrup, and pumpkin spice to that said coffee. Sipping it until it's gone and then considering a second cup. Yep, it was that good.

2. After feeling a bit speechless by Lady Gaga's choice of dress for the VMA's this past Sunday, watching Ellen's understated and hilarious response:

3. Ellen's response leading me to peruse her awesome website, which then led to discovering that there are not one - but TWO - farmed animal sanctuaries in the Los Angeles area! I cannot wait to visit and hopefully volunteer at these two beautiful places. They are:

The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, California
Directors Ellie and Jay with a rescued friend. (Photo courtesy of The Gentle Barn.)

Animal Acres in Acton, California
Founder Lorri Houston with Jamie, a rescued pig. (Photo courtesy of Animal Acres.)
(If people know about more sanctuaries neighboring the Los Angeles area, please share!)

4. Speaking of sanctuaries, hearing about Moby's next upcoming concert - at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!

This rockin' event will be happening on Saturday, September 25th, and you can learn more about it here!

5. Finding this side-splitting commercial for baby carrots on Who says vegetables can't be sexy?:

6. The wonderful post I read on Mercy For Animal's website about the Philadelphia Daily News's article on egg-free baking after the nationwide egg recall. Check it out here!

7. Finishing Melanie Joy's powerful new book, "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows". We will be having Melanie on the blog in the coming months for an interview, and I couldn't be more excited!

8. Revisiting Year of the Dog, a film by vegan filmmaker/actor Mike White about the beautiful and dark journey a woman takes toward animal rights after her dog passes away. Haven't seen it? You should! What a unique gem of a movie!

9. Eating a California avocado. In California. 

10. This adorable quote by Mr. Heimlich:

How good it is to be well-fed, healthy, and kind 
all at the same time.
- Henry J. Heimlich

 What are your reasons to smile today?


Marja said…
Wow. Hm. Lady Gaga really sounds like she doesn't know what she's talking about. What thoughtless things to say! It's unfortunate that her valid (and awesome) opposition to/words about DADT are completely invalidated and made totally ridiculous by the fact that she's wearing slaughtered animal body parts while talking about standing up for human rights. I really didn't know much about Lady Gaga's politics...but I am quite disappointed.

In brighter news, I didn't know that Ellen was vegan---and that's totally awesome. :)
Can't wait for you to visit the farm sanctuaries in L.A. We tried to make to at least one when we were working there, but we couldn't schedule it. Found it through Ellen's site as well :D

You are such a huge blessing. That's one of my reasons to smile. Second reason, all the beautiful people here.
She says she's not a piece of meat... but oh how she carries herself that way.

So very tragic.

I love how Ellen handles herself with such poise and grace on this whole meat dress issue.

{now, she's the true rock star!}
Sava said…
I love Ellen and I think she, as a vegan, handled the Meat-dress very gracefully.

She brought to Gaga's attention that there are people out there that don't appreciate her wearing dead flesh without seeming uptight about it ;)

Also: pumpkin spice in coffee sounds DELIGHTFUL! I have to try that!!
dirtyduck said…
reason to smile, this post, i loved reading about the farm sanctuaries. farm animals are my fav animals:) they are so gentle trusting and well, so abused. lady comment.blah:(
Nic said…
A reason to smile?I just finished eating a delicious blueberry, raspberry and peach crisp made by my roomie! And, tomorrow I only have to teach one class then am off for two days. :) :)
All those made me smile :) Mmmmmm... a California avocado IN California?! Score!