Happy Hug a Vegetarian Day!

First of all, TGIF everybody!

Second of all, how cute is this? From the folks over at PETA:

Today is a holiday, boys and girls - "Hug a Vegetarian Day"! 

Have you hugged a veggie friend or loved one lately? As if there weren't enough lovely reasons to dole out hugs to vegans and vegetarians, now you have the perfect opportunity to show you care!

So, get out there and give some hugs to the animal-lovin', cruelty-free people in your life - but make sure to pledge your hugs here first (I pledged to give five hugs, and they're all going to my vegan hubby)!

Love and internet hugs,



Yes! I have. she was so happy. She didn't even realize there was a day to celebrate us all.

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs to you both.
dirtyduck said…
internet hugs to you!
aww how cute is this!!! now I need to go hug someone! but they are all sleeping LOL ok nevermind I hugged my dog LOL
Lindsay said…
Dogs, humans, felines, cows, pigs - I don't think it matters who you hug! :) Internet hugs right back at you!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for including vegetarians not only vegans. You are one of the few vegans who, while being firm in her convictions, does not alienate vegetarians. Thank you for that.

Again, thank you for being you. Clarissa
Lindsay said…
Thank you so much Clarissa! I understand that everyone is on their own personal journey, so I never try to discriminate. :)