Get Your Booty Moo-vin' for Farmed Animals!

Jumper finds a comfy spot on the road...
Howdy from Los Angeles!

While the palm tree leaves do not change colors, I really am feeling the autumnal spirit here, so a very Happy Fall to you all as well!

After taking some much-needed time to move across our beautiful country to the West Coast, furniture hunt on Craigslist, and make a HUGE purchase at the local Whole Foods to stock our kitchen, Steve and I are back in action and ready for the next big adventure. And we couldn't be more excited to be saying a big, hug-filled hello to our KMIV family after our break, so - hello lovelies! We missed you!

We'll be sending you a jam-packed blog about the big move very soon, but in the meantime, I thought I'd chat about a very exciting event happening all across the country this month and next: Farm Sanctuary's 2010 Walk For Farm Animals.

At the Rehoboth Beach Walk
Last year, I donned a cow costume for the NYC Walk and proudly marched up and down Rehoboth Beach with my family and a handful of other awesome volunteers at the Delaware Walk, and it was an experience unlike any other. In addition to getting to be with fellow activists, the Walk is an awesome way to remind us all why we work so hard daily to promote peace for not only farmed animals across the country, but each other as well. What better way to spend your weekend than by celebrating and sharing compassion with a bunch of passionate people who love animals? 

I've registered myself for the Santa Monica Walk, which Gene Baur (co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary) will be attending! My fundraising goal is $300, so if you're feeling generous, even a dollar can help! To check out my fundraising page, click here.

Visiting a bovine friend at Farm Sanctuary
But that's not all, folks! You too can register and make a difference for farmed animals everywhere. It's so easy to do - just visit and find a Walk near you. There's a $15 registration fee to sign up, and you get a cute tee shirt for participating! Walk dates and times vary, so act now to plan for the event. Making a fundraising page is super easy, and even if you're pressed for time, just know that your $15 donation and action of walking for farmed animals on the big day will be making a huge impact. 

I've raved about Farm Sanctuary on here before, and I just can't stop, because they are an insanely amazing organization. Filled with kind, compassionate people, Farm Sanctuary works tirelessly to rescue abused and neglected farmed animals and inform the public about their plight. Bottom line - they totally rock!

And if that's not enough to inspire you to sign up, perhaps a few photos below from my August trip to their New York Sanctuary will. Enjoy!

The turkeys chattin' it up with us... 

My dad sharing a moment with a new friend.

Newly rescued piglet Kim getting some love.

Interested in walking? Visiting for more information.


Calla said…
Thank you for posting this Lindsay! I'm co-coordinator of this year's NYC Walk for Farm Animals and we are working our booties off to make sure this year is the best ever! Come out for it if you're in the area.
Glad that you had a safe cross country trip!

{I'm a little envious!}

I am hoping to participate in our local walk in PA...
Yay! You are back! We've missed you . . . Glad you are settling into your new home.
VeganDB said…
Thanks so much for all your kind words about Farm Sanctuary, Lindsay! We miss you on the East Coast, but we know you'll keep doing great work for the animals! Congrats on your move!
Lindsay said…
Thanks everybody! So glad to be back!! :)
I love the pic of your Dad n that cute pig. It's sweet :D
Leslie said…
It won't be the same without you and Steve joining us for the second Rehoboth Beach Walk for the Farm Animals. Thanks for the plug and last year's photo.

So glad to hear you made it safely to the left coast, can't wait to read all about your adventure.
Nic said…

I just started reading your blog and I wanted to drop you a quick comment and tell you how much I love your blog. You are amazing and inspirational to new (and often pessimistic) vegans like me!
There is a walk about 2 hours from here in Cleveland, and I am going to try my best to make it this year:)
Lindsay said…
Nic - I am so glad to hear you found me! Yay! Hope the walk goes well for you in Cleveland! :)