The Pig Farmer.

Hey lovelies,

I'm writing to you from my Dad's home in South Jersey. After a much needed vacation at Niagara Falls this past weekend with Dad, I'm doing some wonderful R&R here before heading down to visit my mom in Delaware, with a final family trip to the beach this upcoming weekend. Bottom line - people I love, sun, waves, and, of course, great vegan food await me!

I'll be holding off on posting until next week, but in the meantime, I want to leave you with something I found while on John Robbins' site this past month. It's a beautiful story about John's encounter with a pig farmer who changed his life forever. I highly encourage you to check this out if you haven't come across it already. Of the experience, John writes:

To me, this is grace - to have the veils lifted from our eyes so that we can recognize and serve the goodness in each other. Others may wish for great riches or extravagant journeys to mystical planes, but to me, this is the magic of human life.

If you don't know about John Robbins, you should! Please take some time to learn more about him through his site. I read Diet for A New America about a year ago, and I just finished The Food Revolution today, and both have impacted me immensely on my vegan journey. John writes from a place of deep compassion, reverence, and concern, and he one of the wisest voices in the modern vegan movement.

I look forward to getting back in touch soon, and, in the meantime, I hope you have a delicious and compassionate rest of your week!




That story made me cry...David and I always remind ourselves that we really don't know people until we know their story. We get judged all the time, not "only" because we're vegans, but daily. Until you hang out a few times, talk about "other" things, you really don't know.

Majority of our friends, fam, and support of vegan living are non-vegans! They cheer us everyday. Slowly, one by one, they announce changes.

Love people just where they are. They'll come at their pace.
Melissa said…
Hey Lindsay,
At first I wasn't going to read this when I saw how long it was, but I'm sure glad I did! SO inspirational and touching. Thank you so much for sharing. I passed it along to some friends and family.
Liz Longacre said…
What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it Lindsay! We all sometimes make snap judgements like that so it's good to be reminded that people are often better than they may at first appear to be.