Hope For The Animals.

Last week for the hector giveaway, I posed the question:
What is your hope for the animals of this Earth? 

As per usual with your giveaway responses, I was simply not prepared for how beautifully you would all answer this. I am beyond thankful to be existing among so many budding activists - whether you know it or not, you are all animal advocates for supporting and contributing to this blog.

I chose two winners tonight, and I've decided to have them begin and end the photograph series of my latest trip to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. On Sunday, I took my sister and brother to the sanctuary to experience formerly farmed animals firsthand. Below is the beauty and joy of that experience.  

My hope for the animals? That each and every one of them, cows, pigs, deer, spiders and ladybugs, are treated with the love and respect that we grant our own pets.  - Melanie S. 

Mickey and Jo

My sister Whitney and Dylan.

Louise lets me give her a kiss.

Steve's affectionate reunion with Anne began here.


My brother with Louise.

A memorial for all the animals who have passed on.

 My hope for the animals of this earth is that some way, somehow, they all come to know that there are people who love them and are on their side. 
- Trista N.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary has my heart in a major way. I absolutely love this place and will miss it terribly when I make the move to Los Angeles. Please consider sponsoring an animal or donating to - or VISITING! - this unbelievably wonderful place. Many thanks to Rebecca Moore for our amazing tour of the grounds on Sunday, and for more information, please visit www.woodstocksanctuary.org.


*Autumn Tao* said…
I was there Sunday the same time you were. I remember you having a photoshoot in the sheep pen and being so excited about it (but I didn't recognize you at the time). I stopped by, for the first time, with my non-vegan husband on our way back to Jersey from Burlington, VT. Small world, eh? Such a wonderful place to visit. I am hoping the day resonates with my husband and he moves closer to a meat-free diet.

Tugs at my heartstrings. Can't imagine life without Shadow. Won't stand for the inhumane treatment of our animals big and small.
Lindsay said…
Autumn - what a small world indeed! I can't believe we crossed paths without even knowing it. :) I'm so glad you took your husband here! And please reach out if you need any help with supporting him and gently encouraging him to go veg. :)
Anonymous said…
Your devotion and energy and love makes me cry at this late hour I am reading and feeling inspired. Thank you for doing what you do and staying so incredible positive about your work, your activism and your continued strength. And thank you for encouraging people to make small changes.