Reasons to Smile.

With Bold Native writer and director Denis Henry Hennelly
1. Getting to see the New York premiere of Bold Native, which completely blew my mind. Check out more info about this movie. Right. Now!!!

(I'll be reviewing the premiere on the blog, of course. Stay tuned...)

Just to get you excited about it, here's the awesome trailer:

2. Meeting John Joseph - author of Meat is for Pussies - and vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke (pictured with me at right) last night.

3. The always lovely Jasmin Singer chatting it up at Our Hen House about "Rock It Out II," the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary fundraiser I organized last week!

4. Hector, a daring and heartbreaking new book by vegan author K. I. Hope, which I will be reviewing on the blog later this week.

5. My sister choosing to stop eating eggs recently (on top of already eating vegetarian for a few months now) - go Whit!

 6. Speaking of eggs, my hubby attending a very important screening last Sunday of Fowl Play, a powerful documentary about the inner workings of the egg industry, brought to us by the tremendously talented activists at Mercy for Animals. More to come soon!

7. Alicia Silverstone bravely and compassionately covering the abuse at the Conklin Dairy Farm in Ohio yesterday on her website, The Kind Life. Check out the post here!

8. Two delicious ways to support animals in the near future: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's "All-You-Can-Eat Vegan Ice Cream Freak-Out" Fundraiser in Connecticut on August 8th and Sea Shepard's "S'more Protection for the Oceans" Benefit Party at The V Spot Cafe in Brooklyn on August 9th! Yum!

9. My friend Molly's amazing new blog, The Vegan Everything, as well as her recent post about my fundraiser. Become a follower, and make sure to keep an eye on this awesome budding vegan blogger!

10. "I have far too much respect for the vastness and mystery of the human journey to attempt to make anyone's choices for them. My prayer, and that of many, is that we all have the courage to change the things we can, the serenity to accept the things we can't, and the wisdom to know the difference."  - John Robbins, The Food Revolution

11. The opportunity I had last week to make french toast on Check the video out here!

12. And now my biggest reason to smile... 

Drum roll please...

June Jamboree at WFAS, June 2010

Come September, I will be working as the "Cage-Free Egg Campaigner" for the Humane League on the West Coast! What does that mean for the animals? Well, hopefully, it will mean saving many chickens from the horrendous fate of living in cages that keep them from ever stretching their limbs or moving around. A tiny step towards a real chance at life and a major smile-inducer for this vegan blogger. Woot!

What are YOUR reasons to smile today?


Molly G said…
Thanks for mentioning my blog, Lindsay! Look for a new post tonight:
John Robbins has a new website and blog: You should add him to your blogroll!
Lindsay said…
Thanks a lot for that, Casual Vegan! I'll definitely add him!
So exciting!!! Saw Molly on your blogroll last week started following her. I like it there.
Yay- I love your reasons to smile... I look forward to them...
Nikki said…
Big big congrats on the new job and thanks so much for posting about Fowl Play. After reading The Ethics of What We Eat, I was horrified about the treatment of hens in the industry farms. It's disgusting!