My Last East Coast Hurrah!

I can't believe I'm at this point, folks...

On August 31st, Steve and I will be making the cross-country move to the city of angels - otherwise known as sunny, warm, car-happy Los Angeles. I'm filled with a bittersweet mixture of emotions at the moment over it all, but I'm also completely at peace with the decision - it feels 100%, without a doubt, the right life decision to make.

Of course, in traditional Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! tradition, I want to go out with a bang, so I've organized a small, intimate benefit concert next Tuesday in honor of one of my favorite sanctuaries on the East Coast - The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, NY. If you're a regular KMIV reader, then you know all about my love affair with co-founder Jenny Brown and the team and furry friends over at WFAS - heck, I interviewed Jenny on the blog earlier this year, I covered two different trips I've had at WFAS on here, and my March fundraiser, the first Rock It Out, was held in honor of both Farm Sanctuary and - you guessed it - WFAS.

If you're in the NYC area, I invite you to come along and check out the fun - I'll be singing a set of funky, acoustic originals and covers at Joe's Pub with rockin' guitarist Neimah Djourabchi, and my sister, Boston-based singer/songwriter Whitney Wolf, will also be performing a set of her beautiful music as well! I've got my fingers crossed that we'll also have a guest from WFAS come out to speak too - it should be a hoot!

Tickets can be purchased for a mere 12 bucks by clicking here!

And since I can't resist doing a giveaway to get your butts in the seats: 

I will be offering FOUR FREE TICKETS to the show!! 

To receive them, be one of the first KMIV members to email me at

 One of the furry friends over at WFAS 
who want you to ROCK IT OUT next Tuesday! 

Not only will this be my last fundraiser in NYC, but it will also be the last time I grace the New York stage for a while (and here come the tears...), so get your fabulous selves on over to Joe's Pub for some great music and to support a great cause! Rock on! 

Interested in donating to the event, but don't live around NYC? No problem! Just click on the donation icon on the side of the blog to donate - just make sure to indicate that your donation is for WFAS and not KMIV.


Molly G said…
Be there or be square, people! I'll be there hooting and hollering for Lindsay!
Annie said…
In a few months I'll be in LA too - I've already talked to QuarryGirl about a LA Vegan Food Blogger get together with Royale over at Peta - I'll let you know when we start it up! Probably around Oct. :)
Rikki Cupcake said…
Wow this concert sounds amazing. I hope the move goes smoothly.
Calla said…
I have class until 10:00. . . so by the time I get over there it will be closer to 10:30. :( Wish I could come! BE AMAZING like you always are.
Lindsay said…
Thank you ladies for all of your support! :)
You all have a good time. Sending love from Hawaii.
Anonymous said…
Congrats!!! I imagine it's for work reasons.

I'm up in the Bay Area and feel like we just scored by having you and Steve come out to LA. Then again, the difference between SF and LA is vast and the latter has the upper hand, by faaaaaaaar in vegan choices. But, I guess we can't win 'em all. :)

Can't wait for traveling posts!!

Kidding aside, I know it's hard to pack up and leave a place. So many memories, seeds planted. It's that thing called life. Best wishes, Paula.
Congrats! I didn't know you were moving to LA! Too bad I'm leaving the country for the rest of the year to travel around Asia. But, let's plan a blogger meetup when I get back!

Safe travels!
Kevin said…
Congrats on the move to LA. You'll love it here! :)