KMIV Presents: Dinner and a Blog!


On Tuesday night, Steve and I did a big shop at our Union Square Whole Foods, took the subway all the way down to the southernmost tip of Brooklyn, and prepared dinner and dessert at the home of Julie and Edward, a young vegetarian couple who had won a raffle prize of ours back in March during our Rock It Out fundraiser. What you will see below is the summary of our fabulous night together. I invite you, my blog community, to share in the glory of an awesome meal and great conversation, as well as the excitement of seeing the finished product of my first full-length video - a whopping ten minutes of film (hey, it's the little things that make me happy). Enjoy!

Many thanks to Julie, Edward, and my husband Steve for being a part of this lovely night. Special thanks to Steve for his handy-dandy camera work. 


CurlyLocks said…
Delightful video!
C said…
Thanks for having us a look at this wonderful evening! Everything looked really great and yummy.
So awesome of you to share this. Such a full evening, good food, good company, testimonials... They seem like great people as well. I love what Julie said about trying new things and cutting out one thing...very cool!!!

Gardein and Daiya, fresh veggies - winnas!!!
Heather said…
What a great video to share. And the food...looks awesome. I will definitely try the nutritional yeast as an add to bread crumbs for frying up things. I wonder if it will make a good add to fried tofu? And, also can't wait to find the rice whipped cream. My kids love rice-dream ice cream alternative - so this would be another great add to our diary alternative dessert list.
Meredith said…
Hey Lindsay!

Love the video! All the food looks AMAZING! I was wondering, do you have a recipe (or a description of what you did) for the chicken parm, salad, and sweet potatoes? Also, what brand are the brownies? Was it a mix, frozen, or scratch?

Thank you so much! I absolutely love your site!