Reasons to Smile - WFAS June Jamboree Edition

Before I share with you the amazing weekend that was the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's June Jamboree, I want to remind all of you -


I've extended the deadline to Monday, June 21st, so you have a whole week to come up with your short story! Get crackin', folks!

Okay - now for some very big reasons to smile. 

This past Saturday, I spent a few hours at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with my family celebrating WFAS's annual June Jamboree celebration.  There was delicious food, great people, and the animals were in their full glory. All in all, it was a day I will never - ever - forget. Read on and enjoy today's very special reasons to smile...


 1. Delicious, cruelty-free Jamboree food courtesy of The Regal Vegan.


  2. Watching Elvis the steer dance to live music (no surprise that of all cows, Elvis felt the need to dance!).

3. Getting kisses from Fern, being tapped on the leg for affection by Jasper, and then having a good snuggle with Albie.

5. Hearing awesome live musical performances while a very interested turkey watched on.

5. Spending some quality time petting a very sweet hen. 

6. A warm, happy day filled with love and compassion, despite the rain.

7. A wonderful dinner with my family at The Garden Cafe after the Jamboree - so yummy!

8. My meat-eating dad adopting Cromwell the pig and deciding to stop eating pigs in honor of him.

9. The smile on WFAS co-founder Jenny Brown's face when my step-mom and mom told her how much her speech at Rock It Out changed their diets - my step-mom no longer eats meat and my mom is completely vegan. Go Jenny! 

(For those who may not know, Rock It Out was a WFAS and Farm Sanctuary fundraiser I organized and produced back in March.)
10. A very loving turkey hopping on Steve's lap to show his affection (check out the video below to watch what happened after he hopped off...).

11. The video I made of my experience at the Jamboree:

12. The quote Steve found in a little Woodstock store we visited after the Jamboree:

Special thanks to Jenny Brown, Doug Abel, and all of the amazing employees and volunteers who made the June Jamboree at WFAS possible. To learn more about Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, please visit


Plate+Simple said…
LOVE IT!!! What a priceless experience!
Ali said…
that cow was so stinkin' cute! I never have seen one up close, didn't know they could be playful like that.
Nikki said…
I love your videos! They are always so much fun:)
CurlyLocks said…
Loved the video!:) Thank you for organizing a most memorable family trip. Visiting the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary was an unforgettable experience. The animals were amazing, the people were terrific, and the food was really, really good!
Molly G said…
Awww! the cows were great! And Steve really had a moment there with that turkey! It was love! Wish I could have been there with ya!
Heather said…
What a great video. I loved the goats....sooooo stinking CUTE.
Jenny Brown said…
Yay! Love it! Thank you so much Lindsay - we love having your support and the your voice! Thank you for all you do to get the word out about the plight of farmed animals - there can never be enough of us.

Excellent reason to smile!