Reasons to Smile.

1. The fact that after a long, hard day, I get to come home to three loving, unconditional kitties.

2. Enjoying an ice cream sundae and milkshake at Lula's Sweet Apothecary with the husband (yes, we vegan New Yorkers are truly spoiled), only to see (and meet!!) Joshua Katcher at the entrance of the shop! (As many of you may remember, I recently interviewed Joshua on the blog through my series.)

3. Speaking of Joshua, his bold, honest post about Mother's Day and farm animals - I am so happy that there are brave animal advocates out there like Mr. Katcher!

 4. The chance to sponsor a farm animal mommy this Mother's Day through Farm Sanctuary's animal sponsorship campaign

5. 100 Super Useful Links for Vegans and Vegetarians, courtesy of KMIV! supporter and blogger Carolyn Friedman.

6. Meeting New Jersey-based jewelry designer (and fellow vegan) Kate Wolff the other night. Check this talented lady out!

7. Chef Mario Batali promoting the Meatless Monday campaign, which is yet another example of more mainstream figures showing support for a plant-based diet! 

8. The video I made at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary this past weekend. Moments to note - me talking like a baby to a goat, the beautiful mountain landscape behind the sanctuary, and animals. Loving, sweet, and happy animals!


9. Reading about an awesome couple who are working their way through veganizing the entire Betty Crocker cookbook. Move over, Julie Powell!

10. After experiencing a trip to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with Steve's tour buddies, watching the ripple effect he's had on them in terms of making more compassionate choices (Steve gave each person a copy of Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bastard after the trip).

11. Finding out that back when I produced my WFAS and FS "Rock It Out" fundraiser this past March, the event - and the blog! - were featured in Publisher's Weekly! (Thanks to David Benzaquen of Farm Sanctuary for sharing this wonderful news with me.)

12. Mustard Greens! (The newest green Steve and I have incorporated into our diet, following the fun, leafy conga line of kale, collards, and red chard.)

13.  A good yawn/roar.

14. Getting to not only see my sister and brother graduate over the next two weekends (and celebrate my vegan-lovin' mama's birthday!), but getting to eat yummy vegan Boston fare in the process!

15. Speaking of my mama - getting to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend with an extraordinary lady who has been eating vegan for two months now. Love you mom!

 16. "Champion the right to be yourself. Dare to be different. Live your own life and follow your own star." - Wilferd A. Peterson

What are your reasons to smile today?


I luvvvvvv reading your reasons to smile... they always make me smile.... that ripple effect thing! :)

Mmmmmmm.... Mustard greens. Just found some down here at a farmers market this week, and loved them!

Great Post!
Nikki said…
Thanks for all the awesome new sites! You keep giving me more and more great new resources!
Btw, love the adorable goats and your cute little baby voice:)
Veg Atalanta said…
watching the dog i nanny be able to run outside much better months after she had surgery on her leg!

annnd...being allowed to resubmit an actor's equity form.

those are my reasons to smile today! thanks for the great post!
Lindsay said…
Aw, thanks ladies! And Veg Atlanta - that's wonderful about getting to refill the aea form!! Congrats! :)
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