I heart Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Yesterday, Steve, a group of his tour buddies, two old friends, two new friends, and I took a field trip up to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, and it was quite magical folks! I've already been to WFAS once, and I'll be going again next month with the fam for their June Jamboree, so I was super excited about this extra trip up there. 

As usual, the big hit of the day was the goats - and for good reason too. Goats are the most cuddly, loving animals around! We definitely snuggled up to many of the other animals there - the cows were comfortably munching away on some grass while we watched lovingly on (Dylan the cow even graced us with his beautiful presence, and we got to show him some affection), the pigs were taking a deeply needed nap (after a bout of rolling around in the mud to keep cool), the sheep were all too ready to eat alfalfa squares out of our hands when we offered them, and the chickens were roosting in the dirt much like a dog or cat would on a blanket to find the perfect resting spot. It was farm animal heaven, if you ask me!

If you haven't been to a farm animal sanctuary, you should definitely try to find one near you. Going there always reaffirms my lifelong promise to remain vegan for the animals who need my help now more than ever. The best part about the trip (for everyone I think) is that you're able to see these animals face to face - for meat-eaters, they are no longer just food on a dinner plate, and for vegans, they are loving reminders of why you may have went vegan in the first place.

Jenny Brown and Doug Abel, the two co-founders (who just happen to be happily married) were entertaining and compelling tour guides. You may remember Jenny - I did an interview with her last month as part of my series. Well, she and Doug are two of the most hardworking people I know - their passion to protect and honor their rescued farm animals is as big as their love for them, and once you've met them and listened to their story, I promised it will leave an imprint on your heart forever. 

Below, you will find my favorite photos of the day (there are way too many to post here!), and see if the images of these kind, adorable, and affectionate beings warm your heart as much as they have mine. You know you love a place when it's time to go and you think "I wish I could stay here forever". Well, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is that place for me, and the animals and humans living there are proof that the world is getting better, one rescued goat, sheep, duck, cow, chicken, turkey, pig, and bunny at a time.

To learn more about Jenny Brown, Doug Abel, and the rescued animals of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, please visit www.woodstocksanctuary.org.


Myra Wolf said…
I love these pictures! Can't wait to go in June. I'm happy all you had a super time! I love the pig pictures with you and of course Steve butting heads with a goat (a tradition :)) xoxo
Moo Something said…
I'm SO JEALOUS!!!! I love these pictures :)
I can't wait to visit there myself!!
Rachel said…
awww- soo cute!

We don't live nearby to the farm sanctuary's that you do- but we
are planning a homeschool field trip to Farm Animal Sanctuary in upstate new york soon.

Yesterday- I got to cuddle up with a camel {so soft!!!} Get my shorts chewed on by some goats!, hand feed and love up a buffalo and hand feed an elk- there is a wild life center about an hour away... my littles LOVED it!
Jenny said…
Thank you Lindsay! We loved having you and your friendly, thoughtful, fully-engaged gang! You are welcome here anytime and we love you so much for raising money for us at your super-fab Rock It Out for farm animals event! You're very popular among the critters here because of that for sure.
CurlyLocks said…
I loved the pictures... (recognized a few fellow actors from Steve's tour.) So glad the trip went well! I'm definitely looking forward to our journey there next month.
Nikki said…
These are beaming with joy! Thank you for sharing:)
So awesome! those pictures are so sweet.
Lolly said…
How wonderful! I love all the pictures, but especially love the one with the guy in the light blue tee and it looks like a goat is resting its head on his legs. How spectacular.