Tarra & Bella

Tarra is a large, majestic, gray elephant, recently rescued and living the rest of her life at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.  Bella is a little, white dog, also rescued and living at The Elephant Sanctuary.  Two animals who you would never suspect to live peacefully together,  and yet, they are best friends.

Stories like Tarra and Bella's remind me why I went vegan in 2008 - because animals of all shapes, sizes, and species are intelligent, loving beings who are not here on this Earth for our wants and needs. They have just as much will and desire to live - and love each other - as you or I. And their lives are just as precious.

Maybe you don't agree fully with my feelings towards animals. If that's the case, then please watch Tarra and Bella's story below and see if it doesn't change your mind. Whatever your stance on animals, I'm sure you will be as touched and moved by their unique relationship as I am.

If you aren't vegan, why not try eating vegan for the rest of the day today in honor of Tarra and Bella?

To learn more about Tarra and Bella's story, click here. Thanks to Robyn Lazara for sharing this beautiful story with me today, as well as Steve Hartman for having the courage to cover this on CBS last year.


Myra Wolf said…
That just made me cry buckets :)
It touched me so much!
I remember Jonathan did a report on Elephants in grade school. One thing I remembered out of a huge amount of fasinating facts about elephants was...they mourn when their mate/friend dies. They mourn for along time. We already know about dogs :).
All my rescue pets miss you. After a visit from one of you..they stay checking out the window or doorway for you to come back. They suffocate you with love when you are here. They don't forget you..no matter how many years you are gone.
Look in the face of an animal today. It will see you and feel you....and miss you as you walk away. They are...like us.
A beautiful video honey! xoxo
Molly G said…
Tara and Bella update!
The last minute makes it clear that these excellent people that run the sanctuary must also be vegan! What a lovely place for those poor elephants.
Plate+Simple said…
This warmed my heart and made my day. Thanks for sharing! Love it!
Rachel said…
Thank You- this was a beautiful gem in my sneezy, sniffly allergy ridden day!

I posted it also on my blog for all of my friends to watch too!

Through becoming a vegan- I have realized that animals are at times far more civilized than most people in our modern society... this is proof. What amazing creatures- we could learn so much!
That clip totally warmed my heart... I just finished the book "Eating Animals" today, so what a wonderful way to finish the day by watching that clip :)
Lindsay said…
Thanks everyone! I absolutely loved this and had to share. Thanks for the update too Molly G! :)
Britt said…
This brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful story--thank you for sharing.
Carla said…
Thank you for sharing! I need to bookmark this one, it's too amazing!
GodsDreamsForMe said…
Love and friendship so beautiful. My mother-in-law told me about this story. I'm so glad I got to actually see it. Now I have to go call her. :D
thevegannewbie said…
Wow, this is truly amazing! What really got me was how close they were at the end, Bella letting tarra pet her belly!! <3 Thanks so much for sharing..
Don't mind if I link this to my blog: www.thevegannewbie.wordpress.com

wendy said…
holy crap! now i need a tissue. thanks for sharing this amazing video. i wish all people who say "they are just animals" could see this...
Lindsay said…
Kim - I love your website!! Well done, and keep up the good work! :)
Anonymous said…

Listen to this and the previous show. Prepare to be mesmerized and to cry.