Simple Shoes Rock My Socks.

My 100% vegan-friendly Simple shoes.

Too often on my blog, I discuss the benefits of eating vegan, while sometimes forgetting to emphasize the benefits of living vegan. Veganism isn't just about eating a plant-based diet - it extends to every choice we make in life. From purchasing a toothpaste that no animals were harmed in the making of (I love Tom's of Maine) to finding a solid, eco-friendly dishwashing detergent (Seventh Generation is my fave), every choice we make as a consumer is a vote for or against animal well-being and environmental preservation. I'll be expanding this issue more in the weeks to come, but for now, I'd love to focus on one company that is literally changing the way shoes are made, all in an effort to tread more lightly on this Earth.

Simple Shoes was founded in 1991 and has a beautiful mission statement for their company: 

"How we make our shoes is just as important as why we make them."

It is with this amazingly clear, yet bold statement that Simple has set forth to build and sell shoes that are not only stylish, fun, and comfortable to wear, but  that are also completely sustainable. With materials such as recycled carpet padding, hemp, recycled car tires, and organic-certified cotton, Simple has become a pioneer in the world of eco-friendly products.

photo courtesy of Robert Masarate

Back in March, I attended Simple's launch party for their Fall 2010 collection, and it was clear even then that Simple is working harder and harder to build a more sustainable and eco-friendly shoe. In addition to showing their new line, there was a Sake tasting and a beautiful spread of food, much of which was vegan - and delicious!

Chatting it up with Molly Gilbert of Simple

A preview of Simple's Fall 2010 line

With my friend, actress and singer Molly O'Neal, 
and our new friend, musician Josh Charles 

 Simple's Manhattan Headquarters - can that be my living room please?
All photos above courtesy of Robert Masarate

Although Simple is not a 100% vegan company, they have a line that is completely vegan friendly, and it's totally affordable and awesome! I was a very lucky lady and received a pair of The Women's Satire, the adorable brown and blue shoe I have pictured at the top of the post, in the mail this week. Not only are they the comfiest sneak I've ever come across, but the big, pretty, blue laces remind me of when I was a little kid - just slipping them on brings back memories of childhood. Love it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get some of these shoes for yourself!

Thanks to Molly Gilbert of Simple Shoes for inviting me to the Fall 2010 Launch. To learn more about Simple Shoes, please visit


A Major P.S.:

For all of you lovely people who entered into the chocolate giveaway - do not fret! I will be revealing the winners on Monday when I post a very special Earth Day "Reasons to Smile". Keep your eyes open, and thank you so much for sharing with me your beautiful vegan stories! 

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Plate+Simple said…
Oh I am OBSESSED with Simple Shoes. I'm in love with their bags too. Isn't it amazing how far vegan apparel has come in the last few years? Ah, to be chic AND kind - how fabulous is that!

Kind is definitely the new black :)
CurlyLocks said…
Those sneakers are adorable! I checked out the Simple Shoes website...nice selection.

No matter the topic, I always enjoy reading your blog. It's clever and so well written!
GodsDreamsForMe said…
The choco brown pair is calling my name....
They're super cute! Love the bright blue laces. It doesn't look like they're available here in Ireland sadly, but if I'm in the US some time soon I'll check them out. Great to see more companies producing stylish vegan shoes!
Curry St John said…
I have two pair of Simple's eco-sneaks and love them lots! Ridiculously comfy, fashionable, and a real conversation starter. Plus, I got mine on sale, both times, with free shipping. Otherwise... they're super expensive and keep this vegan from stocking up.

Anxiously awaiting the next big sale!
Lindsay said…
This company is pretty awesome ladies! Glad you enjoyed hearing about it! Sweet@Adventures in Veg - I'm so sorry you can't get them in Ireland! I just checked out the Simple Shoes website, and it looks like they do international orders - did you check their info out? The main site is :)
akOriginals said…
Are the shoes pictured at the top of this blog out yet? Or are those part of the Fall 2010 collection and will be released later?
Myra Wolf said…
I like the cocoa sneaks too..I think I need to check the shoes out. I hate shoes in general..they have to come off no matter what shoe I wear but.....
I bought Jon and Whitney and you Simple shoes when you were little! It doesn't seem long ago to me...and I didn't know they were only operating since the 90's....Simple has been super popular for along time now..Good to see them here! The blue ties are SO you Lins!! Love the new picture!! foreva, xoxo
Waiting for the post this morning. I can't wait to read what was sent to you! :):)
Online Team said…
Hi there!

Just a note to let you know that we're now making most of our boots and shoes in Lorica, the vegan leather.

Mainly we make more 'alternative' styles, but please have a look, there's probably something you'll like...

Have a great day.

The Fantasy Online Team.
Lindsay said…
Those shoes pictured in the blog are indeed available -
Sources said…
great shoes! love the style and design of them.
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