Reasons to Smile.

1. Scrambling around the house like a mad woman, all to prepare eighty desserts for Sunday night's Veggie Conquest. More on that to come!

 Dessert #1 - Balsamic Strawberries and Cream

Dessert #2 - Mint Chocolate Mousse

2. PBS airing "Food, Inc." last week and then making it available to watch online until April 29th. Haven't had the chance to see this awesome documentary? Click here, and check it out!

3. My brother devoting one of his final grad school papers and presentations to Brendan Brazier's book for vegan athletes and nutrition, Thrive (So proud of you, little bro!).

4. A classmate, Jessica Pomerantz (who is also a beautiful singer!), bringing in two different different desserts to our scene study class a few weeks ago - one being vegan, so I could enjoy a treat!

5. My friend Katie sending me this message last week: 

"Ok.Ok. Ok. please add this to Reasons to Smile! I just convinced my 90-year old grandfather to try soy milk for the first time in his entire life. He said, and I quote, "I reckon that tastes better than regular milk on cereal." Priceless!

6. This Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary video (which makes me even more excited to visit this Sunday!):


7. Kate Winslet, one of my acting idols, narrating a foie gras video for PETA! 

8. Finding vegan cupcakes at the local bagel shop in Park Slope this past month, courtesy of Brooklyn-based baker Esme Carino. 

9. My interview with KMIV! sponsor, Cary Smith of Moo Something, which I will be sharing with all of you lovely people this Thursday, AND - my interview with the lovely and talented Isa Chandra Moskowitz (author of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, Vegan Brunch, Veganomicon, and Vegan with a Vengeance), which I will be sharing with you next week! 

10. My mom casually saying to me yesterday in conversation that she made a seitan dinner this past weekend - it's really official! My mom is eating vegan! 

11. All of the beautiful, loving, and exciting emails I've received from  KMIV! followers. Have a question you want to ask? A story to share? An interesting comment? Feel free to email me at! 

12. Trying to work on this list (I usually keep the Mac on my lap on the couch when I blog), and having to stop because of this:


What are your reasons to smile today?


Myra Wolf said…
I love being first to read your reasons to smile :).
You have many...everyday. Vicki, Gus and Reni are three of them. I could see her purring in the video and I miss her bunches.
I smiled because I saw that you are visiting the Woodstock Farm Santuary...I didn't know you were going on Sunday. (feels jealous but will hide it).
I smiled because Food Inc is up for many more people to notice and view.
I smiled because I had a wonderful time at a Holistic Health Fair (Hobos was there serving lunch), helping out on Saturday. I met so many beautiful, happy, engaging people that day and left feeling content and happy. I also got to see a couple there that I know from the walk you and I took for farm animals last summer. I will have a vegan pot-luck dinner with them in June for a monthly dinner that gets planned.
I smiled today because I got a seat at your reading for Playwright Horizons :).
I smiled because I ate good grain toast this morning and my kitties wanted to sit on me while I ate it.
I smiled at all the birds that eat at my feeders early every morning.
I smiled because a neighbor that lived across the street from us years ago, (Ray), found and friended me.
I smile at the upcoming interviews you are getting ready to post and the possiblity Jon will let you post his paper.
I smiled today when the only people I had contact with were not smiling and gruppy and alittle mean to me. I smiled inspite of it :)
I smile everyday because I love you. xoxo
Plate+Simple said…
Love it!
YOU make ME smile!
Ryel said…
This blog makes me smile.

Knowing that even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes, we all are making a difference every day by choosing to be vegan.

The fact that I start volunteering as a dog walker at my local humane society next month makes me smile.

And watching that little goat "dodge bullets."
Papi's Girl said…
When my once resistant 10 yr old daughter scarfs down a yummy vegan meal and enjoys it.

When I eat yummy healthy vegan food and my body responds back by becoming stronger and my spirit becomes more conscious.

When my mom stops buying processed meals for lunch and lets me make her healthy vegan lunches to take to work.

When my cousin takes my advice that I post on my blog.

Learning new wonderful information that will make an impact in my life, my family's life and in the lives of all those that will listen to me..LOL!

Coming across a blog like this that keeps me inspired to be the best "vegan" I can be. :)
Anonymous said…
Love your passion!

I just wish there would be better disposable ware out there. Planning vegan-earth-conscious events while using plastic cups just doesn't quite seem right.

Have you thought about glass ware? Even with the extra mile that it requires?

What other alternatives do we have?

Hug Vicky for letting you finish Reasons to Smile. I'm so glad you did.

My reason to smile this week is watching David at the computer doing research for his DYK post. It was so precious to watch.

God Bless.
Rachel said…
Ooh! Baby Clover- adorable~! :)

Vegan Happy Thought-
I just found out that Kashi makes 2 vegan freezer meals! :)

(yay- when I'm in a hurry and my littles have all of the kid things to go do... I can scarf down some yummies and not feel like I ate nasty food!) JOY!
Jazz Siebert said…
I can't believe that fois gras video!!! Oh heavens.. i feel sooo bad for those ducks!

Yay for Kate Winslett! She's amazing!

Thanks for sharing. :)
Lindsay said…
Great reasons, people! Keep 'em coming! :) xoxoxo
Abigail S. Bean said…
I saw you at Veggie Conquest and could not place why you looked so familiar (besides seeing you at previous VC's). Glad to finally realize who you are; next time I will say hello but until then, hi!
Moo Something said…
Your blog makes me smile!!
The Clover Files video is my favorite video ever. I crack up everytime I watch it, which is at least once a day!
I want the Mint Chocolate Mousse dessert right NOW!!!!
You are visiting Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary this weekend!?!? Tell them I want a job there!!!
#5- Katie's quote definitely made me smile!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful, passionate and honest blog!!
Another reason to smile, David was so excited about his Did Ya Know post, he forgot to wait until tonight to post it and posted the same day as mine...ha ha Ha. He's the best.
Reid just announced he's going to do transition into a raw foods diet! Wow. Slow transition. Yay! Yay! Yay!