My Guest Blog on The Kind Life!

Hey folks,

So, a few weeks ago, I met the lovely Alicia Silverstone, and while we were chatting, she mentioned that she was looking for a vegan wedding story/article to post to her blog. Well, I got to writing the few days after our meeting, and I sent her over a story.  I am happy to say she just posted it last night on her website, The Kind Life!

To check out the post, which I've titled "My Big, Fat, Vegan Wedding", you can click here!

Thank you sooooo much for all of your support guys and gals - and be on the lookout for my next interview - with one of the founders of Peacefood Cafe in NYC!


Myra Wolf said…
Yay Lindsay and Steve!
Both yours and Alicia's weddings were SO LOVING! I will tell you that not one person will know just how "loving" a vegan wedding is until they are at one or have one!
love you for-eva and eva~
I wish for every couple to have the amount of love felt and shown on your wedding day for themselves!
I can't think of a higher blessing outside of your babies one day! xoxo :)
I will have vegan grandbabies one day...oooooh!
(just made myself feel alittle old):):).
veganincognito said…

I loved reading your story on kindlife. That is so wonderful that Steve supported you on your vegan journey. My story is similar to yours, as I have recently gone vegan and my boyfriend will have a very difficult time handling the change in me. Such an inspiration that your story has a happy ending!

What I Made said…
Hi Lindsay!

I first read about you on The Kind Life, and after having visited your blog I'm now a reader. This post was wonderful....your wedding sounded like it was amazing, and the cake looks DELICIOUS!

Keep up the's really great :)

GodsDreamsForMe said…
I just found an excuse for us to renew our vows...hee hee. Very beautiful wedding.
I LOVED your guest posts on Crazy Sexy Life! You and your husband are so cute and such a great example to others. So happy that veganism has changed your life :)
Danielle said…
Hi Lindsay, you post on The Kind Life brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful thing to have your husband and family support your beliefs on such a special day and always. How did your husband finally make the transition to vegan. My husband is dead set again anything veggie :-(.