Missionary Chocolates: A Review (And a Giveaway!)

Yes, those are delectable, decadent chocolate truffles you are viewing in the picture above.

Yes, those truffles are not only melt-in-your-mouth delicious, but vegan as well.

Yes, you can lick the screen (I won't tell!).

Where did I find these attractive, sumptuous truffles, you might be wondering?

It all began with an email...

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Vanessa E. Holden at Missionary Chocolates,  a family-owned vegan truffle company based in Portland, Oregon, about giving their chocolates a try. Within days, I was mailed a sample box of these little gems - and for a few moments, I thought Christmas had come seven months early.

Before digging in, I was already stoked, because I love small, family-owned vegan companies. What Vanessa and her sister are doing is nothing short of revolutionary - they have taken the "mom and pop" concept and brought it to the vegan community. My hope is that their company will soon be the go-to place for all things chocolate, for both vegan and non-vegan chocolate lovers alike.

And now for the post-digging in reaction...


"Wow" was all I could murmur after sinking my teeth into these tremendous chocolates (well, "wow" was barely audible under all of the "mmms" and "ooohs" that preceded and followed it). To be honest, these truffles kick Godiva's butt. In a serious way. Soft, rich, and packed with mind-blowing flavors like Meyer Lemon Explosion, Spicy Cinnamon Chipotle, and Vanilla Salted Caramel, Missionary Chocolates' truffles are the only truffles you need to consume in this lifetime.

And that is why I'm doing a giveaway.

(Yes, you heard me right! A giveaway!)

Here is the challenge:

You - dedicated follower of Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! and all-around rock star -  send me a one-sentence answer to this question:

What has been the best part of incorporating 
veganism into your life?

This challenge is open to vegans and non-vegans alike! 

Just send your one-sentence answers to KissMyVegan@gmail.com. The top three winners of this challenge will have their answers featured in my next "Reasons to Smile" post, and the top winner will receive a free 4-pack of Missionary Chocolate Truffles!

Get crackin', boys and girls. A world of chocolate bliss awaits you!

My deepest, most delicious thanks to Vanessa E. Holden for her and her sister's awe-inspiring chocolates. For more information about Missionary Chocolates, please visit http://www.missionarychocolates.com.

About Missionary Chocolates:

Missionary Chocolates is a handcrafted vegan and gluten free truffle company owned and operated by my sister and I in Portland, Oregon. We originally started making truffles for our Mom, who is a vegan (30 years!) with a gluten intolerance. She complained that their weren’t any good truffles on the market she could eat – and specifically, truffles so good she would actually want to eat them!

So, my sister started playing around in the kitchen, and soon enough the truffles took off, to the point where I came as her business partner, and eventually, got dragged into the kitchen too. It is a lot of fun!

Our truffles are made with organic coconut cream, fair-trade Guittard chocolate and the best local, seasonal and organic ingredients we can obtain.  As they are lactose and gluten free,  with no added sugars or preservatives, the truffles are a unique gourmet dessert choice for those who cannot or do not wish to eat dairy products, or those with other dietary concerns.

With flavors like our award winning Meyer Lemon Explosion and the Vanilla Salted Caramel, we offer an array of rich and creamy unique taste experiences that our chocolate fans have come to love (and crave!).

 - Vanessa E. Holden, co-owner, Missionary Chocolates


linda said…
The best part of incorporating veganism into my life is the lightness of being it gives me.
Sharyn said…
Incorporating veganism into my life makes me feel I am doing my part to being peace to the world and all it's beings.
Molly G said…
Knowing that every single day, I am saving lives.
Libby said…
Feeling clean and healthy, inside and out.