Reasons to Smile.

So, as most original followers of the blog know, I love to make these lists. They are my reasons to continue on with the beautiful journey of a vegan lifestyle. There are more experiences than I can count on a blog, but these can definitely be summed up as my "greatest hits" this week.

So, here are this week's reasons to smile...

1. Knowing that the money raised for the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and Farm Sanctuary from my benefit, Rock It Out, is on its way to each sanctuary. 

(By the way, in case you didn't read the post about the benefit, each sanctuary will be receiving $1300!)

2. Speaking of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, their next benefit on April 1st has me pretty stoked:

Woodstock's Farm Animal Sanctuary's
Comedy for Karma III
April 1st at 8pm 

Gotham Comedy Club in NYC
 208 w 23rd b/t 7th & 8th Aves.
Please join us for this unique annual fundraiser -- arguably the most fun you'll ever have while still helping animals! It's nearly sold out every year so book 'em now!

Check out this amazing lineup:
Louis was the star of HBO's series 
"Lucky Louie" and numerous HBO and 
Comedy Central specials. None were rated "G." 
His new series "Louie" is in 
production and starts on FX in June. 
> visit his site
Dave Attell
Dave's series "Insomniac" ran for more than 
4 seasons on Comedy Central, and he has 
graced just about every network and comedy 
club on the planet.  
>visit his site
Gary Gulman
Gary Gulman
His third time at C4K, Gary appeared on
NBC's "Last Comic Standing" (and that might
be because he's so darn tall) and his own
Comedy Central Special, "Boyish Man."
>visit his site
You might know Wyatt best from his work
as a fake news correspondent on The Daily
Show but his long career as an Emmy award-
winning comedy writer and standup is far
from fake. >visit his site
Lizz Winstead
Before co-creating The Daily Show in the
late 90's Lizz was and still is an accomplished
standup. For the past few years she's starred in
the off-broadway sketch comedy hit
Shoot the Messenger.
Dan Piraro
Dan Piraro
Dan is a syndicated cartoonist, a board
member of the farm, and will emcee the e
vening, possibly doing naked handstands.
>heck, he has a website too
Advance tickets recommended!
$50 for advance general admission seats

or if you want extra-special Karma and to doubly 

help farm animals, consider buying $100 Reserved Seat VIP tickets!
Dan PiraroMany thanks to
Gotham Comedy Club
for donating the space!

3. Discovering the cool line of vegan shoes that eco-friendly company Simple has been working on. I just attended an event of theirs on Tuesday, and boy, do they have adorable sneaks!

4. The fact that my brother's girlfriend has taken a 30-Day Vegetarian Pledge, that since the benefit, my step-mom has refrained from eating meat and my mom and her boyfriend haven't had a single animal product, and that my mother-in-law was so affected from reading Jonathan Safran Foer's stirring book, Eating Animals, that she is no longer eating land animals. Bravo family!

Interested in taking a Veg Pledge yourself? Click here for more info.

5. After already getting the chance to hear from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and David Benzaquen, knowing the lineup of extraordinary vegan mentors yet to come for my Interview Series, which include:
  • Isa Chandra Moskowitz (Co-founder of the Post Punk Kitchen website and best-selling  cookbook author - Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Veganomicon, Vegan with a Vengeance, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and Vegan Brunch) 

6. Meeting the supremely kind Alicia Silverstone.

7. Finishing my second round of 29 Days of Giving. Have you given yet?

8. Experiencing the joy that is 4-Course Vegan in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this past Saturday. Four gourmet dishes. All vegan. Deeeelicious!

9. Getting the chance to volunteer for New York's next Veggie Conquest on April 25th. I'll be serving up a yummy second course dish after chef's compete with their original first course! (Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute, will be the emcee - awesome!!)

10. My mom attending a Meat-Out event last Saturday at Hobos Restaurant (Rehoboth Beach, DE) and having an absolute ball! More on this to come...

and finally, 

11. This quote: 

 "We must help the defenseless animal who is the victim of cruelty, and we must also extend our compassion to help liberate the human being who is the victim of his or her own blindness, which is the result of years of conditioning. Only through compassion can real and lasting change take place."
- Sharon Gannon, Yoga and Vegetarianism

At the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Fall 2009

What are your reasons to smile?


Anonymous said…
Great list, Lindsay. While I love Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, I am not its creator. Although it would be wild if SusanV and I had the same last name.

See you at VC#4 if not sooner.

Susan Vancil
Lindsay said…
Susan! Haha - so sorry about that! I was writing so fast that I guess your name got mixed up in my head with hers. :) Thanks for the heads up - I just changed it.
CurlyLocks said…
I'm smiling because I have a wonderful, loving family, and I'm living a healthier, more humane livestyle. (I made Gardein for supper, and my husband ate it.) Loved your list.
Mikah said…
This post made me smile! :) For real. Love the picture of you and Alicia, and the Farm Sanctuary fundraiser looks amazing!
Myra Wolf said…
Another great, informative post Lindsay! Yes, I know all about your lists and how they inspire you to always move ahead with great passion.
I just donated to the farm santuary to help the calves found abused in PA. An urgent call for help has been sent out by David.
Love you bunches sweetpea! xo
Myra Wolf said…
Sharyn said…
Love your post! It inspired me to buy two tickets to the benefit next week! I cannot wait. See you there. :)
Lindsay said…
Oh Sharon - the benefit was on March 6th! You were able to purchase a ticket though? Very strange. If you have a problem getting a refund, let me know!
Sharyn said…
Hi Lindsay . . . I meant the comedy benefit!!! No worries. :)
Lindsay said…
Oh, haha!!! Silly me. :) I got all worried for you haha!! That is wonderful that you bought tickets to the comedy benefit! Yay!
Jeri and David said…
My awesome husband so supported me choosing my vegan lifestyle, that he didn't realize he became a vegeterian.

that during my one month journey, I began to wake up every morning looking forward and excited toward each day.

That there are so many resources and communities to turn to that help us see...VEGAN ROCKS!!!

I'm thankful that going into my 2nd month, I'm still stoked. Never a dull moment.
Rebecca said…
Lindsay, you are such a freakin' light! Thank you for yet again supporting woodstock sanctuary by letting them know about our Comedy for Karma benefit.... you know, I have been veg most of my life and still I learn so much new stuff and get so much inspiration when I read your sweet blog - the Sharon Gannon quote you posted is just perfect.