Reasons to Smile

Who can't smile at a cute little goat peeking at you from behind a shed?

1. Two weeks without coffee! I've been trying to transition from coffee to tea (to lower my caffeine intake), and I can honestly say that the chai tea with rice milk I'm currently sipping is well worth it.

2. Daiya Cheese. If you've never had this crazy awesome vegan cheese before, you need to order it online right now! I used it all during the holidays, and it was a dream come true for this vegan.

3. Speaking of the holidays - remembering Christmastime. My mom just gets better and better each year about welcoming my vegan lifestyle into our family home. This past Christmas, she had a handmade menu posted in the dining room with our holiday food selection, which included vegan meatballs (topped with Daiya!), portabello mushroom fillets with horseradish sauce, and a variety of vegan holiday cookies. Yum!

4. Vegan Treats, for making Steve and I this gorgeous wedding cake.

5. The Vegan Noodle Kugel Steve made for my Step-mom and Dad's Hanukkah party. (Recipe by Colleen Patrick Goudreau, The Vegan Table)

6. PETA's "Map of Accomplishments" for 2009. Seeing how much has been accomplished for the animals suffering needlessly is amazing to behold.

7. Giving a cow a much-needed scratch on his forehead.

8. One of Steve's friends recently reading Skinny Bastard, and his decision to take a vegan pledge because of the effect it had on him.

9. Alicia Silverstone and her wonderful book, The Kind Diet. This book has opened my eyes to an even larger world of vegan food - who knew that miso soup could be magical?

10. Tempeh Reubens. With vegan potato salad. 
(I wish I could eat this picture!)

What are your reasons to smile today?


Myra Wolf said…
My Reasons to Smile. (Adapted from a 10 page list).

You, Steve, Whitney,Jonathan.

Learning something new everyday.
Learning more about illness and diet from new members to your blog.

Seeing pictures of your vegan food and thinking about eating the vegan ruben....I want it and want it now :)

Being thankful makes me smile.
Feeling my blessings makes me smile.
Feeling hope makes me smile.
Being looked at by a goat makes me smile.
Knowing there is lite soy milk and it doesn't come from a cow, goat, bull or chicken makes me smile.

I usually make myself smile and sometimes in public places.

love you more...xoxo :) :)
Myra Wolf said…

Grain meat just made me smile too :)...and it can be ordered. xo
Myra Wolf said…
I am posting reasons to smile things and I can't seem to stop! heh.

Wanted to share part of an email received. I walked with Lindsay to help raise money for farm animals this past summer. The combined total raised made me smile! Excerpt below:

"The final numbers are in for all the Walks for the Farm Animals that took place in 2009 and the final number was over $330,000, the highest numbers ever!!! And I think we all should feel very proud for the part we played in helping to hit that record breaking number. Our great little group, for our first time out, raised $747."

Thanks Lindsay for getting me involved in this Walk! (made me smile :) xo
Mikochan said…
Hey Lindsay! This is Miyoko, from ETW. I was a couple of years below you, so I'm not sure you'd remember me. (I was a musician in The Bacchae also.) Anyhoo, just wanted to say that I love your blog! I've been vegan for about a year now, and it's blogs like yours that make me smile. :) Also, I love Alicia Silverstone's book, too.
Lindsay said…
Miyoko! Of course I remember you! So happy you've found my blog and that you enjoy it. I also love The Kind Diet too - it was a great read. :)