Things I like and things that are good. (a.k.a Reasons to Smile)

I'm deeeelighted about this post!

1. Almond butter with rice cakes for breakfast. Alongside a big mug of coffee (fairly traded and organic, of course).

2. Local vegan baking companies, like OMG Cupcakes and Sweet Cheeks Bakery.

3. The Roasted Banana Cheesecake recipe from Tal Ronnen's new book, The Conscious Cook. Double yum.

4.Colleen Patrick Goudreau, Alicia Silverstone, Jasmin Singer, David Benzaquen, Ellen DeGeneres, and Cloris Leachman.

(What do these people have in common, you may be wondering? They are awesome animal advocates and vegetarians! Check out the links I've attached to their names, and learn more about them.)

5. The Etsy Store BelWell, which is featuring some beautiful cards for Thanksgiving! I'll be blogging more about this fabulous lady's store, but for now, go check out her goods!

6. My mom, for calling me up several times yesterday to discuss Ellen DeGeneres's interview with Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer. Our discussion included her sharing with me that the swine flu did not originate in Mexico, but rather a North Carolina pig farm (big shocker).

(I love my mom.)

7. The crispy tempeh with peanut sauce that's been added to our wedding's cocktail hour.

8. Videos documenting animal cruelty that require you to be brave and open to watch them, but that are very much worth it in the long run.

9. A quote from a reply to a post on, in regards to educating yourself on why to go vegan:

"Educating yourself can be what saves you when people or circumstances tempt you to make the convenient choice, rather than the right one." (I wrote that! I know, not the most humble thing to post, but I'm proud people!)

10. People who are open and kind enough to consider going vegan, especially after a lifetime of eating animal products. You people rock!


Tara said…
Hi! Thanks so much for responding to my post on the Eating Animals site as it lead me to your blog! I'm so excited to begin this journey!
Lindsay said…
I'm so excited for you too! It's a wonderful journey to experience! If you have any questions, feel free to post them in my comments section! :)
VeganDB said…
I'm floored and flattered that you said those nice things about me. Thank you and thanks for all you do.

I love the blog and am so excited it's growing!


David (Farm Sanctuary)
jasmin said…
I <3 you.

jasmin xx
danielle said…
I have that shirt too!

(Danielle Geist)
vegbooks said…
One thing I'd add to this list is amazing vegan kids. Imagine being four and standing up for animals, when all of your friends (and half your family) eats them. That's courage!!
Lindsay said…
I love that!! I totally and completely agree with that, vegbooks! :)
The Little One said…
Wahoo! I am totally inspired by you, Lindsay! Thanks for the shout out...

Teresa & BelWell