Reasons to Smile (Thanksgiving Edition)

have many reasons to smile too.

1. Mello and Rhonda, our newly adopted turkeys from Farm Sanctuary.

There's still time to adopt a turkey! Go to for more info.

2. My clean house, from hours of hard work yesterday.

3. The smell of balsam fir incense and pumpkin pie soy candles in my home today.

3A. A picture that includes a happy baby 
petting a goat as a turkey stands close by.

4. My family and Steve's family, for being so open and supportive in allowing us to host a completely vegan Thanksgiving this year.

5. The New York Times, for posting an article about vegan dishes for Thanksgiving.

So much turkey love.

6. The vegan meatloaf I made last night and will make again for Thanksgiving. It was deeeelicious! (Just a note - I added onion powder, garlic powder, and a lot of nutritional yeast to mine. No need to add so much parsley to yours either, unless that's your sort of thing.)

7. Celebrating my kitties' birthdays on Monday night - Rini and Vicki turned five, and Guster is now two years old. Organic catnip and fancy cat food abounded in my house that night!

8. Jodie Foster's film "Home for the Holidays". It's become a Wolf family tradition.

9. A husband who allows me to listen to Christmas music while I prepare for Thanksgiving. Some would call that crazy or even unreasonable (especially considering he's Jewish), but I call it unconditional love.

10. A warm apartment, lots of yummy food to cook, and family all around me. Is there anything better?

A sweet and gentle turkey that allows you to pet 
it is one of the greatest joys on Earth.


CurlyLocks said…
I just printed off the vegan meatloaf recipe...along with the dozen others included. I hope I can find GimmeLean fake meat around here. This was so good! You have become quite an accomplished vegan cook!