I'm getting married next week. What? :)

As a wrap up to the lovely holiday that just passed us by on Saturday, Halloween was a quiet, but nice one this year. Steve and I started off the morning with a yummy brunch made by yours truly, which included pumpkin french toast and tofu scramble with spinach - my favorite homemade scramble to date!


In the afternoon, we indulged in some homemade Witch's Stew, and we spent the better part of the evening sitting on our Brooklyn stoop with endless amounts of vegan goodies for the trick-or-treaters passing by.  All while working on our wedding reception table arrangements - pretty productive, if I must say!

(The kiddies loved the cookies the most.)

All in all, it was a great day.

On Sunday, Steve and I went to our wedding site and had a two weeks meeting, and yesterday, we applied for our marriage license.



Both experiences have shown me that this wedding is really happening! I couldn't be more excited or more ready to marry Steve. I think this experience is just as relevant to place on my blog as anything else, because it is a pretty big life step indeed. The past year and a half spent engaged to Steve has been an awesome series of life changes for me, and to be able to celebrate that next weekend is more than I could have ever asked or hoped for.

So yeah... I'm getting married!


HANNAH said…
I want the recipe for that breakfast. And you and Steven need to not be so damn cupcake cute already!!